Andrew Jackson Hero More Like Zero

saving or slaughtering ?

The Trail of Tears

Jackson wanted more land for the farmers to grow cotton, the only thing was that where he wanted to expand the land was where a huge population of Indians lived. When they heard the news that Jackson wanted to move them they refused and went to court. They fought long and hard at court until finally the supreme court sided with the Indians and said that Jackson couldn't move them, but that didn't stop him he went against them and moved the indians. do we really want someone who goes against the government as r president?

National Bank Destroyed

Jackson took down the national bank, when taking down the national bank that means the once rich will stop getting there money rich go poor you could be next. Top businesses will go out of business. He stopped the money flow to the national bank so that it could be sent to many different state banks. Jackson has used the most vetoes out of all the presidents so far. you can't tell that's not weird.

The King Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson is vetoing things left and not following any laws or rules. The supreme court decided it wouldn't be right to move the Indianans but he didn't listen. He thought that he Indianans should be moved in order the make things better for the farmers. He totally skipped over how the Indianans would feel. Plus he Destroyed the national bank only because he thought it was cheating the normal people now that it is gone all the rich or above normal people are getting cheated out of their money.


Jackson got in many duels in his days. He once shot dead the person who apparently had the best shot after he was hit.