Florida's Salt Marshes Welcome You!


Welcome to Florida, the sunshine state and home of the Miami Dolphins. And also a great place to visit many of the Salt Marshes in the United States. But before you venture out into the Wetlands. Here are some things you need to know in order to make the experience the best for your friends and family.

What are these places?

Salt marshes are natural salt soiled communities being dominated by grasslands that are found on the borders of saltwater bodies that can be Tidal or Non-Tidal. We also took surveys about the Salt Marshes and people have found them to be extremely relaxing and fun.

Where are these places?

They are all along the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico coasts between 25° North and 42° North reaching all the way up to New Jersey, In Florida, they are located Indian River Lagoon. Make sure that is a priority.

What little creatures await you?

Ever heard of a Blue Crab. I know right? A crab being blue. There are many crabs in the Salt Marshes such as Hermit, Stone, Mud, and Fiddler Crabs. We also have Mussel in the area as well as Grass Shrimp. We also have the American eel, Gulf Killifish, and Mosquitofish. And no, the Mosquitofish don't bite and give you Malaria. I promise!

Have fun?

So far this will be great! Tons of little fish and crabs to watch and a nice little environment for you to relax with friends and family. Have a nice time!