The Longest Drought in Texas

By: Morgan Widner

Where does our water come from?

The five lakes-

More than half of Texas’ water comes from underground aquifers. The rest comes from surface water, or lakes and rivers. Dallas' drinking water comes from five lakes: Grapevine, Lewisville, Ray Roberts, Ray Hubbard and Tawakoni. The only lake Dallas actually owns and operates is Ray Hubbard. Two other lakes -- Fork and Palestine -- are in reserve for future supply.

When is the predicted time we may run out of water?

Some is already gone! Say goodbye by 2040!

The drought in some cities in Texas is so bad that they have already ran out of water! The year in which Texas will run out of water is blurry and is different from many sources, but when estimated as an average it shows that Texas will run out of water by the year 2040, and Texas will see a forced migration event because of the lack of water. That's how bad it is! If we don't conserve the water, we will be forced to move out of Texas!
Texas Towns Run Out of Water as Drought Takes its Toll

How is our water usage today impacting the local and global ecology?

Around the city:

Our daily usage of water is effecting our local area of Dallas, Texas because many species of animals and insects and insects are dying and migrating to other areas because it is impossible to live in these habitats. What is making these habitats so bad is that when ever the drought hits the lake water evaporates and that removes a lot of the water of the 50 percent.

Neigboring states of New Mexico and Oklahoma:

Even though the neighboring states of New Mexico and Oklahoma arn't feeling the exact pressures of the drought the water wars raise stress everyday. For an example the U.S. Supreme Court had to get involved in the dispute between Oklahoma and Texas and who got to give 1.7 million people water. So far smaller courts have voted in favor of Oklahoma. Texas also asked the Supreme court in July 2012 to consider another lawsuit saying New Mexico that they are not sharing the amount of water from the Rio Grande as they should be. Their evidence is spelled out between Texas and New Mexico in the compact made in 1938, still no one has ruled on that case. If this continues Texas officals say that they are willing to take action against New Mexico because farmers ar illegaly shiping off of the Texas shared river which provides half of the drinking water for El Paso.

Why should texas water be conserved, and how?

What can the state do?

The state is in charge of our money and that's what they need to be focusing on for and example Texas ended up losing $7.62 billion in agricultural losses, $3.23 billion in the cattle sector and $2.2 billion loses in the cotton production industry in Texas. Texas could end up losing $116 billion, about a million jobs and the state's population could shrink by 1.4 million. This is a scary conclusion ,but there is a very large chance that this could happen and something that we should focus on!

Simple things an individual can do!

1) Turn faucet off while brushing teeth- saves 5-10 gal per person per day- cost $0.00

2) Install a faucet aerator in bathroom sink- saves 5-10 gal per person/day- costs $3.60

3) Install a faucet aerator in kitchen sink- saves 10-20 gal per person/day- cost $5.50

4) Install a toilet tummy in your toilet- saves 15-25 gal per person/day- cost $4.80

5)Don't use toilet as waste basket- saves 3-7 gal per flush- cost $0.00

Even though these things are helpful they barley make a dent into the drought or Water loss. What we should be coming up with are ways to grow plants or work with agriculture without using so much water. Or instead of using fertilizes that run into streams and rivers which then contaminates the water and makes is less drinkable.


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