Latin America Regions Project

Brasilia, Brazil

Relative location- north/west of capital

Physical features- (1)Amazon Rain Forest (2)Paul rocks

Human features- (1)statue of Christ (2) church of San Francisco

modification- Brazilian Dam

Accommodation-modern clothing

movement-soccer and protesting

Regions- Portuguese, Favelas, Roman Catholicism, shrimp and white rice.

Bogota, Colombia

Relative location- north of peru

physical features- (1)Nevado Del Tolina Mountains (2)Amazon river

human features- (1)Cesar Gaviria Bridge (2) Western bridge

Modification- miel Dam


movement- cocaine/natinal rugby team

Regions- bean and rice, Spanish language, Catholicism, urbanization

Lima, Peru

just south of of equator

physical features- (1)flat terrain on the peruoin (2) within valley of Chillion

human features- (1) bridge of signs (2) john chavez international


Accommodation- casual dress

regions- Spanish language, Incan culture, Aymara, Quechua

San Jose, Costa Rica

below Nicarogua and above Panama

physical features (1)Jaco Beach (2)Arenal Volcano

human features-(1) sky walk bridge (2)Plaza of the culture

modification- GMO's

accommodation- farming

movement-beaches and coffee

regions- Spanish language, olla de carna, beans and rice, democratic republic