a land of culture

The Basics

Argentina is a country located in the southern region of South America. The average annual temperatures vary from about 47°F to 82°F. It is most likely to rain around the end of October. It is very humid in Argentina and can, on average, get up to 91%. The climate type is mostly subtropical, with a hot a humid tropical climate in the northernmost area. Interesting physical features in Argentina include the Rio Parana river (located in the east) and Aconcagua Mountain in the Mendoza Chain (the highest point in all of South America).

How to Fit In

The official language of Argentina is Spanish. Other spoken languages include English, German, French, and some Italian. An interesting folkway of Argentina is when you are invited to dinner, you should arrive 30-45 minutes later than invited, otherwise it is considered rude. It is also very common to touch each other while speaking. Another folkway is to open gifts immediately after receiving them. It is also very common for women to kiss each other on the cheek and use both hands when they shake hands. Some Argentinian taboos are making the 'OK' sign or thumbs up and pouring wine with the left hand while grasping the neck of the bottle. Both are considered very offensive.
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Digging Deeper Into Culture

A very popular teenage subculture is flogging. It is centered around photo blogging. Another is Cumbia villera. This music is popular among lower classes and is about violence, drugs, and sex. There have been many culture changes in Argentina because of Spanish colonization in the 16th century, European immigration in the 19th century, and urban immigration during the era before WWI and after Spanish Civil War. The culture changes are evident in food, art, and literature.


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