It's All About Choice!

A Workshop on Six Traits Writing: Word Choice


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What is word choice and why is it important?

What effect does word choice have on what we say and write?

How do these video clips represent common problems with word choice?

Word Choice - Friends - Adoption
Tim Tebow is excited to be a Jet
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How do we help students who struggle with word choice when writing?

Why are mentor texts important when teaching word choice?

What skills should we teach during word choice mini-lessons?

How can we integrate these skills into other content areas?

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Increasing Vocabulary Skills

ACTIVITY -- Guess My Word

Can you guess what food I am describing based on this word cloud?
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Activity -- Guess the Idiom

More Idioms Illustrated by Children

This website has an extensive collection of idioms (including these three examples) that have been illustrated by children. They could easily be turned into a fun PowerPoint game!
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Sample Lessons

ACTIVITY: How can we plan mini-lessons using mentor texts?

  • Memorable Adjectives
  • Powerful and Memorable Verbs
  • Sensory Words and Imagery
  • Precise Nouns and Pronouns
  • Playing with Language
  • Figurative Language
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Additional Word Choice Resources

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