Design and Modeling poster.

Tyler Weslow

What is speed?

Distance divided by Time. The amount of distance traveled in a certain amount of time.

Things that can affect speed.

Aerodynamics, weight, and the shape of the car.

Things that can improve speed.

Thrusters, Aerodynamics, spoilers, things like that.

What factors are important for a successful launch of your car?

Making sure your launch hole is the right size is key. When it is launched, this will insure that your car.

What are the best features of your car?

Some of the best features with my car is that it looks like a 80's dragster. The curve is very good, and I like it!

Is there anything about your car that will negatively affect its performance?

Not really, only that the launch hole is a little big.

What turned out well?

My car got in 2nd place overall! I'm proud :,)

What did you enjoy the most?

I enjoyed making the shape of my car and perfecting my car so it can maximize the speed.

What could be better? What would you improve or do differently next time?

I would probably remember to sure the template to do the launch hole. I only eyeballed it so.

What was your least favorite part?

I honestly don't know, I really liked doing this! I guess the poster part because id rather do hands on stuff.

How fast did my car go?

16 miles per hour.

20 divided by 1.2