I Can Talk About Holidays & Events

Textbook p. 42-45, p. 73

Learning Goals

  • To talk about holidays.
  • To wish someone a good time.
  • To ask for advice, give advice, and respond

Examples: How would you tell a friend that you hope she will have a Merry Christmas? How would you tell someone to have a good evening? How would you tell your teacher that you wish her a happy birthday? How would you ask someone for an idea for a present for your friend? How would you suggest that she could give her friend a CD? How would you say that he already has plenty of them and ask if she has another idea?

Required Practice


To take the assessment on each skill, complete the point requirement for that skill.

Choose activities that are going to allow you to practice on areas where you need help. Don't just do what is easy for you!

Write out activities completely and write down any questions you have.

To Talk About Holidays, Wish Someone a Good Time, and Give Advice (10 points)

  • provide evidence of studying the words and expressions on p. 42-45 to learn vocabulary for talking about holidays, wishing someone a good time, and giving advice. (5 points)
  • textbook p. 44, Activity 2 - choose the expression that best completes the phrases about holidays and parties. Copy, complete, and translate (5 points)
  • textbook p. 44, Activity 3 - give your response to the following situations, write out and translate the situation and write your response in French (5 points)
  • textbook p. 44, Activity 4 - Create an iMovie. Write two scenarios using the expressions in the boxes to ask and give advice about what to get people. Follow the model and include in each scenario the person, the event, and the response recommending an appropriate gift. Use subtitles and audio. (5 points)

you must demonstrate proficiency

If understanding of at least a level 3 is not demonstrated on an assessment for any concept or skill, then Mrs. Smith may require more tasks to be completed in order to improve understanding and then retest.

Quiz B - Demonstrate understanding of the holidays/events and the items associated with them.
Directions: Alex is telling a French exchange student about two events he is celebrating this month. Complete each of his statements with the correct word from the box. (word bank)

Quiz A Listening - Demonstrate understanding of phrases used when talking about holidays.
Directions: On which holiday or occasion do the following conversations take place? Listen to each conversation and choose the appropriate occasion.

Demonstration of learning - Higher Learning Possibilities

Once you have received a 3 on all of the quizzes above, you can attempt any or all of the quizzes below to demonstrate a higher level of understanding.

Quiz C - Demonstrate understanding of the holidays/events.
Directions: Write the name of the holiday represented by each of the illustrations below.

Quiz D
- Demonstrate understanding of the vocabulary associated with holidays/events and the phrases used to wish someone a good time and ask for advice.
Directions: Write a logical response for each situation.

Quiz A Listening - Demonstrate understanding of phrases used when talking about holidays.
Directions: Listen to the following conversations and decide whether the people are:
a) wishing someone a good time, b) asking for help, c) asking for advice, or d) checking if things have been done
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