By: Olivia Mason

What is a Virologist?

Virology is the study of viruses – submicroscopic, parasitic particles of genetic material contained in a protein coat – and virus-like agents.

What responsibilities would you have?

Their primary work is to figure out how diseases like AIDS, SARS and hepatitis spread, in order to prevent more rampant development and to assist in vaccine development.

What responsibilities would you Like/Dislike?

I would not like to be held responsible for the findings of all of these different things, so if something went wrong I was held accountable. The thing I would like most about this job is that I got to study all of these cool viruses, and be one of the few people who know how they actually are caused!

What important characteristics do you think would be needed to be happy and successful in this occupation?

For this occupation you need to be able to work long hours without getting tired and not have a sensitive stomach to certain things, and definitely like the job!

Why does this career fit your personality?

Because, I am able to work long hours without getting tired or grumpy.

What personal values does this career provide that are important to you?

That I will be able to help others on a regular day basis.

What is the Education needed for this career?

A bachelor’s degree in microbiology or a closely related field is needed for entry-level microbiologist jobs. A PhD.D. is typically needed to carry out independent research and to work in colleges and universities.

How many hours would you generally work?

What would your work environment be?

Microbiologists work in laboratories and offices, where they conduct scientific experiments and analyze the results. Most microbiologists work full time and keep regular hours.

Would you travel?

Would your job be stressful?

Yes, I think it would be stressful because the lives of people are depending on you!

What would you like and dislike about the setting?

I would like that I get to work with brilliant people and hear their ideas and I would dislike if people are controlling over me.

How much would a worker in this occupation generally start at?

What is the range of wages that an experienced worker can earned?

Will the worker receive insurance?

The worker will receive insurance and benefits.

Do you see this occupation as providing enough income for you to live according to your expectations?

No, I do not see this job providing enough money for me, I am planning on having 8 children.

What is the occupational outlook for this career?

There is high demand for many types of public health professionals. For example, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) finds that there will be a 10% increase in demand for epidemiologists trained in areas such as virology, by 2022. In the field of environmental science, specialists will experience a 15% increase in job demand in the same period. And microbiologists will see a 7% increase in job demand.

Explain why this occupation would be right/wrong for you?

This occupation would not be right for me because I am planning on having 8 children and that not enough money to support all of them.