Deep down in facts

Bacteria Becoming Resistant

Bacteria are becoming resistant to antibiotics, due to the abuse and over use of antibiotics. Farms are the main culprit of these "Nightmare Bacteria" . They are feeding pigs, cows, sheep and other animals antibiotics to try and get them to grow stronger and be able to live in cramped spaces. These antibiotics are given in low doses and the bacteria mutate to become resistant to the antibiotics. These bacteria are in the meat that is in the store. People might eat this meat and get sick.

Nightmare Bacteria Strikes

Bacteria are killing more and more people

Around 1.7 million people have been diagnosed and 99 million have died. Gonorrhea, E Coli., Carbapenem-Resistant-Enterobacteriareae and other bacteria that used to be able to be killed are now becoming resistant to most antibiotics. It is like a terrible nightmare.