notes the holocaust


the holocaust was very crucial, sad and not fair. innocent people were taking away from their homes their homes were destroyed and they were alll killed and treated badly. theirs this one guy who managed to escape the first time nd go warn the people who didnt bother to listen. he might a young id name elizar wiesel who he taught about god


In his statement “I pray to the God within me that He will give me the strength to ask Him the right questions,” Moshe conveys two concepts key to Eliezer’s struggle: the idea that God is everywhere, even within every individual, and the idea that faith is based on questions, not answers

moshe the beadle is a caring good poor person who tried to help the people of his town

by warning them. he met a young boy named eliezer he was the little boys teacher and he taught him about god. moshe the beadle

Moshe talks about the riddles of the universe and God’s centrality to the quest for understanding. Moshe’s words frame the conflict of Eliezer’s struggle for faith, which is at the center of Night.

moshe the beadle was a man who believes in god and believed that everything worked through god just leave all your questions and worries to him and he will be able to solve them and thats what he taught the little boy because he had so many questions moshe was a man who escaped the holocaust and went to go warn his people who didn't bother to listen to anyone and later on he died