Mrs. Haas' Third Grade News

November 15, 2015

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We've been busy solving mysteries in class. We will continue to read several short mysteries, and then we will read a mystery novel. Students are working to gather clues, create a list of suspects, and deduct suspects to help them make their final inference on who did the crime. The students are having a lot of fun with this unit.

Writer's Workshop

Students have been busy drafting, revising, and editing their personal narratives. Be sure to ask your third grader what memory they are writing about. When they are ready to publish their personal narrative, they are required to add a picture to their story. Students can bring in an actual photograph from the event they chose to write about, or they can create an illustration.


Make sure your third grader has their flashcard bag in their backpack Monday morning. We will be adding a new set of facts this week to the bag as we study the 5s.

Last week we learned about the Distributive Property of Multiplication. This property teaches us that we can break apart a larger problem into two smaller problems. This property may be helpful to students as they learn the harder facts of multiplication like the 6s or 7s. For example solving 4 x 6 may be too challenging for me. Instead I can break it into two smaller problems. I might break it apart by solving smaller problems I know like (4 x 3) + (4 x 3). I will still get the same product. As you practice facts at home with your third grader, reviewing the Distributive Property of Multiplication may help them have success with the harder problems.

Social Studies

We will head back to the library for students to complete their page for our class Democracy Dictionary. Students are researching a term that relates to our US Government. Students will also work with a partner to learn a little bit more information about an important US symbol. We will use our iPads to create a video where they can teach the rest of their peers about the symbol. Once our videos are created, I will share their hard work with you.

Volunteers Needed!!!!!

I'm still in need of 4 volunteers for our visit back to the Wilderness Science Center on Tuesday, December 15. We will be there from 8:50-11:30. Please let me know if you can join us.


Are you on twitter? Follow our class @HaasErika. I send out tweets that allow you to see what's happening in our room. As a parent, it's always fun to see the activities that your kiddos do. Sometimes they come home forgetting all the fun and hard work they do all day!