Alan Lomax

By:Elijah Booker

Job title and age

American field collector of folk music of the 20th century.Author,film director,and folklorist.

Alan Lomax age 87.

Family life and background

Born January 31,1915 in Austin, Texas.He was the son of John Avery Lomax. Growing up in Texas,the younger Lomax listened to his father's many findings and became a confimed advocate of America's true music.

How he became a leader

Mr.Lomax strove to protect folk traditions from the homogenizing effects of modern media he advocated what he called "cultural equity" the right of every culture to have equal time on air and equal time in the classroom.


"The dimensions of cultural equity needs to be added to the humane continum of Liberty,freedom of speech and religion,and social justice."

Events that occurred to influence leader

Listen to our story Jefferson building,library congress botkin lecture passed by Nathan Salsburg, association for cultural equality.

Interesting facts

After completing his studies,Alan Lomax joined his father in his fieldwork.