Talk About Talking

How do I talk with my child about difficult topics?

Let's Talk...

"Where do babies come from?"

"Why did she die?"

"They're just pills, what's the big deal?"

From preschool to high school and beyond, let's talk about the tough, real questions our kids have.

Licensed Professional Counselors and Counselor Interns from Therapy On The Square invite you to join in a round-table discussion about having challenging conversations with your kids. The counselors bring a wide breadth of knowledge with them ranging from their work with parents, children, teens, and adults in a variety of settings such as private practice, schools, non-profit organizations, community organizations and crisis counseling to name a few. For more detailed information about the presenters and Therapy On The Square please visit the website

**The morning presentation will be repeated in the evening.**

Monday, Feb. 4th, 9-10am

605 East 7th Street

Prosper, TX

Monday, Feb. 4th, 6-7pm

605 East 7th Street

Prosper, TX

Hosted by Prosper ISD Parent Education Committee