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Flappy bird has brought a revolution to the gaming community! Can any other game match up to it?

Flappy bird has been one of the most, if not the most exciting games to have been released for mobile phone users in recent times. Millions of smartphone users downloaded it on to their devices within days of its release. It was a highly addictive game which was sure to guarantee a really fun gaming experience. One big reason for its popularity was that it was easy to understand and play so that even small kids could play it along with those who are not very tech savvy. And it was a simple arcade style game. It was not specifically meant for any gender. It was not like the dress up games which boys would avoid playing, nor like the violent shooting games which girls avoid playing. Anyone could just open the flappy rush play for free and enjoy a few moments of exhilarating excitement. But despite the growing popularity of the game, which in turn was earning tons of cash for its developer, the game was scraped out from the market. This sudden shocking move to pull out the game entirely from the market was very controversial and sparked a lot of discussions regarding the real reason behind the move. But what was done was done. Flappy bird, the most revolutionizing game ever, was gone from the app store.

There is a simple rule of economics that where there is demand for a particular thing, supply would automatically come through one source or another. And true enough, the fans of flappy birds, especially those who could not download the app in time or who heard about this crazy game a bit too late was craving for flappy bird. And this prompted other game developers to create games which were similar to flappy bird. They launched their games within days of flappy bird being pulled out and advertised them on popular gaming websites as a new version of flappy bird play for free. Some of the websites featured these games which were just a shadow of the original flappy bird game, under the name of flappy bird itself while others used different names.

One such game which surged ahead of the horde of imitation games in the market was the flappy flight game. It was preferred over other games not only because it was very hassle free to play but also because it was as similar to the flappy bird game as could have been possible. Those who could not have the flappy bird play for free, were ready to accept flappy flight as an alternative. Flappy flight also had improved graphics which made the entire gaming experience more desirable. However, flappy bird is far from being eliminated entirely as there are many fans who are loyal enough to still stick to the original version. Dong nguyen, the developer of flappy bird has said that other games like shuriken block but it remains to be seen whether they are as engaging as flappy bird.