The Kiowas

by: avery gainer

where did the kiowa indians live?

The Kiowas lived within the Great Plains in and around the Texas Panhandle specifically in the Llano Estacado. This includes western Oklahoma and northeast New Mexico. They also shared territory with the Comanche, who were friends and close allies with them.

what did the kiowas eat?

The Kiowas ate many different varieties and kinds of food. Their most important food was buffalo meat. They were nomadic buffalo hunters, which meant the moved to follow buffalo herds. This tribe also collected and gathered roots, berries, and plants to eat when they could find them. The men had the job of hunting, and the women had the job of gathering and collecting.

how do the kiowa indians obtain there food?

The Kiowas had three different main techniques of finding or obtaining food. The hunted, gathered, and collected food. When hunting the Kiowa men usually used the method of driving the buffalo off cliffs or stalk them with a bow and arrow. Horses were very helpful in their hunting process or routine.

what type of home did the Kiowa live in?

The Kiowa were nomadic hunters meaning they moved all the time, to follow buffalo herds. This meant they lived in teepees, teepees were were great for nomadic tribes because they were very easy to move by taking apart and then putting them back together. Teepees were cone shaped homes that were made of a base of twenty to thirty wooden poles and had a wrapping of dried, hard animal skin, for this tribe it was usually buffalo skin.
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What kinds of weapons & tools did the Kiowa use?

The Kiowa used many different weapons, some being bow & arrows, knives, tomahawks, which was a light ax used mainly to throw at and kill an enemy, swords, and some guns. The Kiowa didn't have much so they weren't able to make and use may tools, because f this they had to use there weapons that were maybe leftover or extra and use them as an alternative to tools.

what were some of the kiowas beliefs & traditions?

The Kiowa believed that certain people had powers, such as someone would have the power to control the running of rivers, or the power of light and sun. They gave special respect to the bison, bear, and eagle. Sendeh was the whole create of there beliefs, they call him the trickster, and they worship him.

organization of leadership

The Kiowas had a pretty interest government and leadership. The highest and most important decisions went to the chiefs, and also to the religious leaders. Women had fewer opportunities to do anything in the government and decision making. They had much more rules and excisions but these were just a couple most important things.

where are they located now & what became of them?

Today the Kiowas are recognized as the Kiowa tribe of Oklahoma. They were forced to move here in the 1800's and most Kiowa people still live there today. Their language is also still spoken today.