Welcome to Mitchell County!

Home to its county seat, the town of Bakersville.

Here's a bit about Mitchell County

Founded in 1861, Mitchell County is settled in the westernmost part of North Carolina's mountains along the state border. How Mitchell got its name is all due to a UNC professor known as Elisha Mitchell. He explored the Black Mountains and studied their heights in the mid-1830s, a time when scientists thought the tallest mountains in eastern America were in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. After Mitchell made his calculations, which were only 12 feet off from the actual height, a congressman and former student of Mitchell's, Thomas Clingman, debated whether or not the calculations were correct. And after this debate, Mitchell took a hike to prove his calculations correct at the age of 63. And this hike proved fatal and tragic when Elisha Mitchell slipped, falling from a cliff near a 40-foot waterfall and hitting his head and drowning. But in his honor the mountain's name became Mount. Mitchell.
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Landmarks and Tourist Attractions

The Mitchell State Park is a miraculous landmark in Mitchell County. Established in 1915, it became North Carolina's first state park. But other attractions bring this county apart from other places around the world. Orchard at Altapass and Dellinger Grist Mill are just a couple of the fascinating attractions at Mitchell.

Bakersville is noted for its history and picturesque beauty.

Bakersville, the county seat

Because Bakersville is the county seat, it wouldn't be a surprise this is where they hold the town councils. There are four members in the council, and five members of the Board of Commissioners. Currently, Mitchell County's county manager is Charles E. Vines.