Merry Christmas

from the Toltz Family

Reflecting on 2012

As yet another year approaches the end, I sit back and reflect on the past 12 months. It is hard for me to believe that with this annual celebration, we will also celebrate our third year anniversary of living in Costa Rica.

We took a leap of faith after feeling led to Costa Rica in 2009, and made the journey not knowing what was in store. Many were in shock (so were we!), many thought we were crazy, and a few said they were envious. Randy and I have always had a heart for missions and outreach, we would travel the globe, but always returned to our comfortable life in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Leaving the hometown we both were born, was something totally unexpected for all. I never would have dreamed we would still be living here three years later.

I can tell you, the past three years have been amazing. NOT because they were perfect, in fact they were filled with many trials as well as celebrations. However, there is something so incredibly indescribable that happens when you step outside of your comfort zone and are just willing to go where you are led. There is also something so special about celebrating the little things in life, such as the nightly sunsets. To actually stop. Sit. Relax. Reflect. Enjoy.

I have talked about starting a blog, as many of our stories are hilarious "after the fact!" In the moment, not so much. I love my husband's favorite saying "There are no bad experiences in life, just great stories!" He always says, "Think about it, the crazier the experience, the greater the story - or in times of sorrow, the greater the testimony and random acts of kindness you witness when you manage to come out the other side." So true and such wise words.

It is also amazing to me just how time flies... our youngest, Jake, is now in 6th grade and is conversationally fluent in Spanish! He is eager to start leaning Mandrin and is still always searching out the latest technology, gadget, product he wants to invent or corporation he wants to start. I have no doubt that he will one day change the world.

Logan, our second to youngest is nothing short of a giant from my perspective (at 5'2"). He is now 6'4" and still growing. Last I checked his size 14 shoes were too small. We made a last minute decision late summer and decided to send him back to the states and to Valor Christian to finish his senior year. AND in true Toltz fashion, we made the decision on Thursday, jumped through hoops, filled out applications, did interviews and flew him back Saturday to start school on Monday - we are not known for sitting around and contemplating ideas - ha ha! Although we miss him like crazy, he is loving life and it was definitely the best decision for him in the long run. He is living with Randy's Mom and she says he is truly a delight to have around.

Taylor is now 18 and finished with high school. She went to Virginia over the summer to be with my cousin and her three adorable kids who unfortunately lost their father unexpectedly last fall. Taylor has always had a gift with children and they loved having her. She ended up staying longer than expected and just returned to Colorado to celebrate the holidays with our family. She is in the process, as many 18 year olds are, of trying to figure out what she wants to do with her life. No matter what she does, I am so proud of who she is, her zest for life, sense of humor and giving heart.

Megan is still in California and learning the joys of becoming an adult. She has a new boyfriend who has a young son and it brings a smile to my face hearing her recount both the joys and struggles of being a parent.

Our oldest, Erin, is now 25, married and expecting our first grandchild the end of January! We are over the top excited and cannot even wait to hold that precious bundle of joy in our arms. She and her husband Mike have made a wonderful life for themselves in Dallas. As you can imagine, we are counting the days and praying for Mama, and baby to arrive healthy!

In addition to watching our children grow, we are still selling real estate in this tropical paradise we are so fortunate to call home. We originally moved to Playa Panama, but after six months we moved south (near Tamarindo) and purchased our own Re/Max franchise in Flamingo. We love the life here, the immense beauty that surrounds us, the sense of community, the people we meet, and the adventures that cause us to grow. : )

We have also recently become the volunteer bi-vocational associates for Costa Rica for Global Connection International. Our entire family has always had a heart and passion for missions and outreach and we are so blessed to have such a wonderful and supportive faith based ministry to carry out our calling. If you would like to find out more about our outreach projects in Costa Rica, you can visit our blog

While we miss our friends and family back in the states, we are continually thankful for the gift of technology. We love staying in touch with so many, and watching as you too navigate this journey called life.

We hope this Christmas brings you peace and the joy of knowing and celebrating the true Spirit of the season.

Merry Christmas to all and may your 2013 be blessed...

Randy, Kim and family

Love . Joy . Peace