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Dec 2016 - Vol. 6 Issue 1

Thinking BIG For Our Children

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Happy Holidays

On Friday December 23rd we highlighted the importance of giving and sharing with others at our annual Holiday Dinner Party. Students exchanged gifts with their peers, enjoyed a 4-course dinner and live entertainment presented by our wonderful students.

Holidays Around The Globe

The Hindus Festival of Diwali By Terryll Jackson

Diwali a big Hindu festival largely celebrated in India. The festival is celebrated for five days. The third day is the main day 'Festival of lights'.

Rituals of the holiday include lighting up diyas and candles all around their house, praying, and sharing gifts.

About Hanukkah by Angela Agbi

Hanukkah is an eight day Holiday that starts on December 24th this year. January 1st 2017 will be the last day of Hanukkah. It’s a holiday celebrated by people of the Jewish faith. A special symbol is the Dreidel, a spinning top. The Menorah is a candle holder used to celebrate Hanukkah. Eight candles are lit during the duration of the Holiday.

Chinese New Year Facts by Talise Peele

#1 Each year there is a different animal.

#2 The Chinese New Year is celebrated with a parade which includes a dragon.

#3 The Day of Chinese New Year depends on the Lunar Calendar.

#4 Hard work is a celebrated theme of The Chinese New Year.

#5 Red envelopes are sent to pass on best wishes to family and friends.

A Confused Chinese New Year By Talise Peele

On January 28th, 2017 there was a six year old girl named Ming and her twin brother Ning. They were visiting Beijing and it was their first time seeing the Chinese New Year. They didn't understand why everyone was excitedly watching the parade. Ning was frightened when a dragon came close to him. Then he saw legs and hands. He felt relieved when he realized that the dragon was just a costume. It was nearly midnight and they were watching people set up fireworks. In America they use the count down to start off the New Year. Ning was sleeping but Ming was awake. She wondered why there wasn't a big crystal ball dropping lower and lower. She almost dozed off until their parents screamed ''HAPPY NEW YEAR!''. She jumped and Ning started crying. He was startled by the loud fire crackers. They realized that it was a tradition for Americans and Chinese people to celebrate the New Year, but they have different ways of celebrating. Then they received red envelopes filled with money from their parents and enjoyed the rest of the festival.

On October 28th we celebrated Lights on Afterschool at our annual Costume Party

The central themes included:

Lights on Afterschool A national celebration of Afterschool, Child Safety, Learning and Supporting Working Families.

Thrill the World A Global Celebration of Dance and Community. In honor of Michael Jackson’s Thriller

Watch a recap of the event below:

Lights on Afterschool 2016 at P S 176Q

Trip To Washington D.C.

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Our first trip to Washington D.C. was a memorable experience. Congressman Meeks' office assisted us in securing the approval of our visit. Students were thrilled to explore another part of the country and witness new and exciting wonders. We saw many remarkable landmarks and sites including The Treasury Building, White House and Supreme Court Building, toured the Capitol and Museum of African American History and Culture. Students interacted with many exhibits educating them on the historical trials and tribulations of African Americans. Some of the amazing attractions included Black Lives Matter, Mapping Hip Hop in the Bronx, Mexico City Olympic Protest, Image Power Ebony Magazine, Sports and Power of Place: Angola Prison Cell.

We toured the U.S. Capitol commencing with a short film detailing the origins of American Government and the significance of the Capitol. Afterwards we were guided through various rooms and corridors including the Capitol Rotunda, National Statuary Hall Collection, and the Capitol Crypt. Students inquired about the paintings, statues and symbols that told stories of great historical moments and triumphs of American history.

Overall students enjoyed traveling with their friends and visiting the Capitol of the Nation. The trip sparked their interest in government and politics with many of them declaring goals to become the President of the United States when they grow up. We look forward to our next adventure.

CYCSI Staff & Youth Development

This year we hosted 34 DYCD Summer 2016 Youth participants. A total of 18 students are participating in our 2016/17 Community Service Learning/Job Readiness program. These students are sourced from middle schools, high schools and community colleges-three middle school students (The Mary Louis Academy), three high school students (St. Francis Prep Highschool, The Cambria Heights Academy, Preparatory Academy For Writers) , two college students (Queens Borough Community College).

Nine students who participated in the DYCD SYEP program leveraged the DYCD Work Learn Grow program at LaGaurdia Community College Work Force Center. The students continued working with our organization throughout the school year.

While supporting our staff, students meet their community service or college credit requirements while honing their skills in preparation for the work place. The two students from Queensborough Community College successfully obtained college credit for completing their internship course at our organization. They are business majors and assisted the program management team with administrative tasks in addition to supporting academic segments and clubs. Below are excerpts from their final papers reflecting on their experience working with us.

“This internship was very helpful. I gained knowledge on researching funding opportunities, children's development and interest at different grade levels. One of the first tasks was to find a company that would help fund CYCSI...I would like to work for an advertising agency, starting in the marketing research department. Applying what I’ve learned about child development from grade level one through fifth grade would be very crucial on developing advertising campaigns targeting children.” —Javaughn Foster

“Working in the office, I was able to learn first-hand how a business is operated. I became more proficient in Microsoft Excel and developing spreadsheets. I learned the importance of cooperation and teamwork. Overall, my employment at CYCSI helped me in a way that benefits both my academic and professional careers. Studying under the program Director made me realize that I hope to own a business one day. I am also considering working with children in the future.” —D’Juan Carter

Our Children…Truly Amazing

2016/17 marks our 8th year of operation! In September 2009 we launched PS 176 Afterschool Program. As I reflect on the past seven years, the capabilities of the children continue to inspire me in Thinking BIG. Whether they are acting, dancing, painting, sewing, playing a game, building a robot or proudly showcasing their completed science projects, they are truly amazing.

I am appreciative of the many hours the community expended developing quality programs exposing students to new experiences. As a result, our service offering expanded to include Spring/Winter Break programs, Summer Camp and Community Service Learning/Job Readiness programs enabling us to continue “Thinking BIG for Our Children”.

Last year we introduced our documentary "We're Going to College Phase 1: Early Career Discovery" as part of our Five Year Jobs of the Future Initiative. We focused on the importance of assessing interests and skill sets of children at the elementary age to determine possible career options. This year, Phase II, the documentary will highlight Career Readiness and Alternatives to College.

Thanks to our staff members for working tirelessly in “Thinking BIG for our Children”. Congratulations to recipients of the 2016 Service Awards. They implemented innovative and creative programs/activities to aid in the academic, social, and artistic development of the students: Ms. ShannaKay Sudlow, Best Booth Presentation, Pre-K, Ms. Jasmine Warren and Ms. Bryelle Ford, Most Creative Program, Dance Club, and Tiaura Townsley, New Employee Quality Service, Step Club.

We also treasure our community partners: Mrs. Bartlett and P.S. 176 staff, UPS, Home Depot, Girls Scout, NYPD, NAACP, FAA, Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology, La Guardia College, Queensborough Community College, Cambria Heights Academy, Institute for Health Professionals High School, Saint Frances Prep High School and Youth & Tennis Academy for providing funding, human resources and programs that enhanced our Out of School Time Service Menu.

Senator Leroy Comrie, District 14, Councilman Daneek Miller, District 27, Congressman Gregory W. Meeks, 5th District, we look forward to your continued support!

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