Charles Sumner Beaten with a Cane?

By: Sam Arnold

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Preston Brooks is the convicted person of the Charles Sumner beating. As seen in the picture above, you can see Preston Brooks beating Charles Sumner.

A little history

Preston Brooks is a person from the South, therefore supporting slavery. He was nephew of Andrew Butler.

What really Happened

Charles Sumner was disturbed by the violence in Kansas. He then criticized Stephen Douglas saying that he planned with southerners to make Kansas a slave state. He kept verbally attacking the southerners, including Andrew Butler of South Carolina. Butler's nephew, Preston Brooks then attacked Charles Sumner out of anger and rage.

After effects

Charles Sumner was terribly injured everywhere. Preston Brooks ended up beating him until his cane broke in half. Breaking a cane requires such great force, so you can see how badly Charles Sumner was hurt.