jan for president

vote for me and I will make your dreams come true

things i want to change:

- I want to change poverty. I will do that by giving more money to them and give them free food and more discount

- I want to change the differences between black and white.

- I want to change the differences between rich and poor. i will do that by give the poor people less tax.

- The law for weapons are different in ervery state. I want in every state is the law for weapons the same, because many people are not feeling themselves safe.

- I want to end the death penalty in every state.

-I think it is better the alcohol law goes to 18 year.

plans for America:

I have a two plans for America.
My most important plan is to lessen the Obese. My plan for this is: I want to spend money for buy vegetables.

Another plan is to change the tax in every state, so all the people have more money to spend for nice things.