Mrs. Ross' Writing and Science

April 11, 2016

Science - Environments

Students have begun their environments unit of study. Last week we focused on specialized structures of plants and animals. This week's focus will be on food chains which will include dissecting an owl pellet. Weather permitting, we will go outside and note details about the pond, prairie (really missing that prairie grass about now!!), and forest ecosystems on our grounds.

Writing - Feature Articles

Feature Articles are on hold right now in order for the students to prepare and take the MAP tests. The plan is to continue the unit once testing is completed.

Spring F&P Testing

This week, I will begin the last round of assessing your student's reading level for 4th grade. I will be assessing all the students in the class. The expectation is that each student should be reading at a level U. If your student is above that level, I will stop assessing at a level W in order to give the 5th grade teachers levels to assess. I am looking forward to sharing their reading progress with them!!