Sunday Announcements

December 6, 2015

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Week at a Glance

Monday 10:45am: Holiday Photoshoot at the house

Monday 6:30pm or Tuesday 8:00pm: Meeting for potential bigs at the house

VP Member Education Elise Czuchna

SET Leaders! Tomorrow after the photo shoot at 11am, Ruby and I will have two hours of individual meetings, so please come to the house to meet with us (unless you've already emailed me about an individual time).

Also POTENTIAL BIGS we are having a meeting tomorrow at 6:30pm and Tuesday 8:00pm. Be there, or email me otherwise, because we have a lot of important information to cover. It is a mandatory meeting because you have to fill out a contract and, if you don't fill it out, you can't have a little.

You are all loved.


VP CS Miranda Deane

Hey guys!! I have a favor for you all, I am working with AXO's philanthropy chair to plan the benefit concert and need your help!!

ARE YOU in a band? An acapella group? A dance group? Are you funny? Do you dance or sing? Can you juggle? OR do you have any friends who are/do any of these things?

Please fill out this google doc with performers for the concert!!! (MAKE SURE TO ASK THEM IF THEY CAN DO IT FIRST) It will be on March 5th at 2 pm. SHOW OFF YOUR TALENTS

ALSO we are looking for an MC for the event! So if you wanna talk a lot please email/text me <3 We will be having 1 KD and 1 AXO MC again.

Keep filling out this link and texting me about being an MC or any questions all through out break!

Thank you so much <3

Good luck on finals and have a great break

Get ready for a great semester of love and philanthropy next year (wow 2016 is so close)


VP PR Imani Sanders

Hi, everyone!

Reminder that we are having our KD winter photoshoot tomorrow! Be at the house by 10:45/10:50AM so we can start the photoshoot by 11! I just got a bunch of awesome props for you all to use so get pumped. Come wearing fun festive/cozy winter time clothes and get ready to have fun!


Gossip PR

VP STANDARDS Jacqueline Pecaro

Hi everyone!

Hope you all had a fun weekend celebrating the end of classes and the holiday season! I know that there aren't any mixers left this semester, but I just wanted to give you guys a quick note about the sober pool going forward for next semester. If you are chosen from the sober pool for a mixer, I will email you with 24-hours notice. It is your responsibility to check your email and let me know if you can make it or if you found a replacement and who is replacing you. If you are pulled from the sober pool, it is your responsibility to attend the mixer or find a replacement in all fairness to everyone else. Being a sober monitor is very a important part in keeping our sisters safe and makes mixers more fun! Good luck on finals everyone, and have a great break! Looking forward to a great next semester!

Love in AOT,


Appointed Officer Announcements

Health and Wellness

Hey sista friends-

Congrats on finishing classes! We know this finals season is stressful, but we know you guys can do it! Remember to get enough sleep, drink all the water, and eat the foods!
If you're feeling stressed take a second and take three deep breathes and really think about it (it sounds dumb but it helps!). You are all wonderful smart humans, don't over work yourselves! Good luck and see you all on January 17th at 6pm!!!!!!

Health, Happiness, and Enjoy the Holidays!!!

xo Mary and Grace


Hi lovelies!! This week's chaplain theme is all about surviving finals--good luck studying this week, and find some time to celebrate the end of the semester :) SO CLOSE TO BREAK!!

AOT, hol-tina