Recipe for The French Revolution

By: Jennifer

Recipe for a chaotic bloodbath cake!🎂

3 cups of causes:

☕Political Inequalities- Nobles enjoyed privileges like not having to pay taxes, having all the power and freedom politically, and could out vote the commoners. The common people who consisted of middle class, peasants, and artisans had to work hard and pay heavy taxes while their voice went unheard.

☕Bankruptcy of the Government- Louis XIV spent way too much money and his successor Louis XVI did the same. By 1789 the government went bankrupt.

☕The American Revolution influenced the French Revolution- The success of the Americans to overthrow the powerful British rule made the French public optimistic and encouraged them to fight for their own freedom.

4 important people:

Napoleon Bonaparte- A great military commander who later became the Emperor of the French.

Maríe Antoniette-She lavished money what she wanted and paid no attention to France's financial crisis.

Louis XIV- absolute monarch who had all the power and control.

Robespierre-He called for King Louis XVI to be put on trial for treason and won many enemies.

1 gallon of absolute monarchy

1 quart of enlightenment ideas

1 pinch of the first estate (clergy)

1 tsp of the second estate (Nobles)

98 cups of the third estate (commoners)

A handful of guillotines

"let them eat cake🎂!"- Marie Antoniette 👑

1. Grab four bowls.

2. Preheat the oven at 1789

3. Prepare to mix the three cups of causes with the 98 cups of the third estate in one bowl.

4. Put Marie Antoniette and Louis XVI in the other bowl. Add the gallon of absolute moarchy.

5. In the third bowl place Robespierre and a quart of enlightenment ideas.

6. In the last bowl place a pinch of the first estate and 1 tsp of the second estate.

7. Mix the last bowl with the first bowl. ( The causes with the third estate, with the first estate and second estate).

8. Leave the second bowl alone.

9. Add the bowl that was mixed with all three estates with the third bowl.

10. Add the handful of guillotines in that bowl as well.

11. Put it in the oven till 1790.

12. Take out of the oven to let it cool down.

13. To finish it up spread Napolean Bonaparte all over.


  • French took control.
  • Swept away the French monarchy and nobility
  • The French Revolution may have been bloody and violent, but in the end it changed the economical, political, and social structure of France forever!