Otisco Lake News

February 2016

'Tis the season

Now that winter has found us, so has runny noses. We, and your children, would appreciate tissues in our classrooms. Please bring in what you can and Mrs. Mapstone will store any extras in her room until needed. Thanks in advance!

Middle School Book Fair

Homework Hotline

Not sure what homework your child has tonight? Visit the homework hotline and click on the link for "this week's homework". Once opened, look for Otisco lake.

Math - Mrs Mapstone

In math we have started new chapters in all classes and the tests will all be given before February break. Enriched math is now back to a traditional classroom setting. We are no longer in a flipped learning environment. We are learning Chapter 8: Surface area and volume with 3 dimensional figures. We are learning how to fill and wrap these shapes.

Regular and Connect math began a new chapter (Chapter 2) where we study tax, tip, commission, discounts and other concepts relating to money. As an incentive to using this knowledge and applying it to real concepts, we are ordering food for lunch on Thursday, February 4, 11th, or 26th, depending upon which class they are in. This is entirely optional and in no way will reflect the students' grade if they choose not to order. I have contacted a local business, Mac's Philly Steaks, and they will deliver free of charge. If your child wishes to order, they are asked to give me their order and money by Monday of that week. (Mac's need to make sure they have enough ingredients for the large order.) Their "homework" is to calculate the cost, tax (7.5%) and tip (5%) of their order. The food will be delivered at lunch time and will not interrupt the typical class schedule, so if your child does not wish to participate that's fine. If you would like to visit Mac's website and view the menu, the website is www.macsphillysteaks.com.
If you have any questions regarding this, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Calculators are now allowed in all math classes so please start bringing them in everyday to use in class and on homework’s. While calculator may be used, please remember all work must still be shown. This means students still need to write each step down but now they can use a calculator to do the arithmetic faster. The calculator we are using in class is either the TI-30XS or TI-30XII. They can be found at Walmart or Staples.

English - Mrs. Wolf

Students in English class are continuing to read Fever 1793 by Laurie Halse Anderson. Our expectation is to finish the book before February break. Upon returning from break, we will be writing an essay in class focusing on the transformation of the main character, Matilda. Students also continue to hone their grammar skills with daily lessons and grammar quizzes every other week.

Social Studies - Mrs. Mariano

In Social Studies, we are going to be changing our format for responding to current events articles. I will now have a few questions at the end of the article that the kids will need to answer. The purpose is to help them figure out what is being discussed in the article. The last question will always be something about their view on the topic being discussed in the article. In addition, we will only be doing them every other week.

Our previous unit focused on our government. Any exposure to news regarding the Supreme Court, Congress or the presidential primaries would help the students utilize information from class. This will also be the focus for the news articles for the rest of the year.

Please encourage your child to look over his/her Social Studies notes over the break. Although we will only have 2 pages of notes so far, there is an awful lot of information in them!

Science - Mr. MacNeil

Otisco Science classes just finished up a project on Animal Development. Students used the internet to research the life cycles of 8 different animals. Along with recording important facts, everyone needed to find pictures that showed various stages of the animal’s development. Please check to make sure your child has turned in the final report. The test on this unit will be Friday before Winter Break. Next up will be Genetics and learning how traits can be passed from generation to generation.

February Break!

School will not be in session Monday, February 15th until Friday, February 19th. Enjoy the time with family and friends. Happy Valentine's Day!