Acres of Love

Rescue and Care


Many children in South Africa are helpless because of their mothers dying from HIV/AIDS. Acres of Love is restoring the hope of those children by giving them a home and a family who cares for them. Acres of Love was founded by Ryan Audagnotti and operates in Bryanston, Gauteng. It was established 15 years ago.

Why This Is a Problem

Most of these children are getting hope for the first time in their lives. South Africa leads the world in deaths caused by HIV/AIDS. Nine out of ten children who acquired HIV worldwide in 2011 lived in Sub-Saharan Africa. There are at least 3.8 million orphans in South Africa and 2.5 million of those children are orphans because of AIDS.

How to get involved

Donators have the option to donate a one time gift, a gift to our special needs kids, or a recurring gift that is given monthly. A one time gift is a single donation that will go to the children and parents living in the Forever Homes. The special needs gift is given to the emergency medical and special needs program that supports the vulnerable orphans.
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