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I chose this quote because it gives a good message about reading. Even though you may not know what you are reading you have learned a lot about the book. You can learn so much when your reading and not watching TV or Netflix.

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I enjoy reading somewhat often, but not too much. I read a few different kinds of books like... mystery, humorous, and fiction. On school nights I usually read about 20-30 minutes and on weekends I usually read about 10-20 minutes. I want to improve my reading by reading more on the weekends and on weekdays by a least 30 minutes so I can get up to about 50-60 minutes almost each day. I am a slow reader when it comes to mystery books because you want to find out as many things as you can about the book. I like paper and electronic books because I can highlight on my electronic and go back and look at what i don't understand or what's interesting.

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About Me!

I'm Kaylea C. and I love reading when it's a good book of course.1. I learned to read by all of my favorite Dr. Seuss. Some of my favorite books were, Green Eggs and Ham, Hop on Pop, and One fish Two fish Red fish Blue fish.2. When I grew older I really enjoyed animal and humorous books. 3.Most I just like to grab a book and start reading it or I like read with a friend and discuss about our different books.4. I hate reading about sad titles or dog books i just don't like reading about dog books because most of the time a dog dies.5. I'm reading a dog book right now and so far it's one of the best books I've ever read.6. All I really like to do is just sit in a good quiet place and just read a good book.7. I like to read all different things but not anything about death! 8.Me and my friends like to read together and we really enjoy it. 9. Sometimes I skip parts in a book if it's boring or not really describing anything. 10. Sometimes when I don't have a good book with me I just go to a bookstore and get a book.

Best Day of My Life - American Authors (Lyrics)

Why I chose this song

I chose this song because it is really fun to listen to and very happy. When I'm reading I always think of this song and I start to play it really soft so I can concentrate on the book I'm reading and comprehend on what's going on. I have a lot of different songs that I like to listen to, but this is one of my favorites.
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Book Recommendations

I chose this website because it has a lot of different things like videos, REALLY good books, and more. You can find many things on Epic Reads. It has photos of the book including videos with it.