Goodbye Stranger

Rebecca Stead

Ted Talk Book Talk

Publisher: Wendy Lamb Books

Genre: Fiction

Page Numbers: 304

Year Published: August 4, 2015

ISBN-10: 0385743173

Grade: 5 and up

Age: 10 and up


This Newbery Medal novel has multiple perspectives on the bonds and limits people have with friendships. This is a new year for three best friends. Bridge is an accident survivor, who got hit by a car at eight years old and who wonders why she is still alive. Bridge is also the girl who wears cat ears throughout the book. Emily has new curves she is still trying to develop herself and is always texting that boy from the soccer team. Tabitha sees through everybody’s games or so she tells the world. There only one rule that they can't break its no fighting. This year everything was different for Sherm Russo as he gets to know Bridge and starts to hate the one person close to him. On Valentine’s Day, an unnamed high school girl struggles with a betrayal. Each memorable character navigates challenges of love and changes through this thriller novel.

Book Questions

1. The setting takes place in seventh grade at Bridge and her two best friends middle school in New York were there is a lot of issues going on. I can relate to the setting because I been in seventh grade before with my buddies also, having to deal with the back stabbing and bickering but just like Bridge and her friends we start to grow and develop as our lives and background change.

2. The main character in the novel is Bridge, I can relate to her in a way because, we both deal with not knowing how to cope with the pain that has been done too us. She is important because she is the start of the issues that happened.

The minor characters are Emily, Tabitha, and Sherm. Emily and I can definitely relate because we are both developing into our self through these teenage years. She was really important to the story because her story was want most girls go through. Like dating, sports, and pictures being asked by boys, just some stuff that happens on a daily bases.

Now Tabitha and I are the same page, we both think we are a good judge of character. Tabitha is also important because wasn't afraid to tell it like it is too her friends and others which kept it real throughout the novel. For Sherm we can relate because we like to meet new people and enjoy the adventure of life. Sherm is important because he made Bridge feel like she was important and special after the accident that happen to her.

3. The main conflict of the story is Bridge dealing with the accident she took on at a early age, we follow her dealing with it through her friends and family and how all of them are affected by it. The sub-conflict that's going on is divorced, not just with the parents but with the grandparents too, there is also conflict dealing with body imagine, school, friends, and basically the troubles that kids take on. This novel deals with a lot of man vs. self and man vs. man.

I can relate to these issues because I had two cousins that die in the year of 2009 and my whole family had to deal with the pain. Also I have my own problems in school that I deal with, like knowing how trust friends, confidence, arguments and respect.

4. The resolution might be what everyone should do sometimes. It ended off with the characters just forgiving what they cant change. Bridge forgave her self after two years, Emily forgave Patrick the boy that sent her pictures too people, and Tabitha just accepted the issues that were going on around her, and Sherm forgave his grandfather for leaving his grandmother after fifty years.

5. If I could change a character I would change Bridge attitude and traits because she had it the worst through seventh grade. I feel it she would have bounce back from the accident after the two years and stop wondering why she wasn't dead she would have been able to love her self and have more confidence like everyone else was hoping too see. This would have impacted the plot a lot because there wouldn't have been a lot of conflict through the girls relationship and throughout households.

6. The theme of this book that a reader can take from this is knowing who you are, and accepting what you can not change.

7. I would recommend this too my friend Bree she's fourteen year old and she likes to enjoy every part of her life but she dislikes people, I feel that her and Emily can really relate to each other because they both go through and deal with the exact same thing.

8. If I got to change the genre it would have to be too drama and mystery, because there is a lot of conflict that the character go through during the novel, and there is a little mystery of finding out who is the person that keeps popping up during the valentine day chapters.

9. If I got to change the ending of the story I would change it so that Bridge would and Sherm got together, and that Sherm grandparents got back together. Also I would have made Emily ruin Patrick life after what he did. and I would change it so you would have found out who was the person in the chapters of valentines day was.


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