iPad Apps in the Math Classroom

Eva Harvell @techie_teach

These iPad apps match with standards in the Operations & Algebraic Thinking domain of the College & Career Readiness Standards.

Tiny Chicken Learns Math

This is a free (for a limited time) app allows students to practice the four basic operations. Students have to move the raft within a number line to select the correct answer for each problem.

Math vs Zombies

This is another one of Tap to Learn's many educational apps. This app costs $4.99 but it is worth it. Like the above app, students can practice the four basic operations by converts zombies back into humans. The app is aligned to the CCSS, so parents and teachers can view CCSS reports on the the progress students make.

Quick Math

This is a $1.99 app, but worth the download! Unlike other math fact apps, this one allows the students to "draw" the answer. Students can select the operation and level they want to practice. Another plus about this app, you can create profiles! Be sure to check out Quick Math+ for older students.
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