A SAC Year In Review

MariClaire Kimbrell

2015-2016 Mission Statement

To uphold the standards of excellence that Pierce County High School personifies while being innovative and benevolent in outreach endeavors involving both the school itself and the community.

Special Projects with SAC

  • Pierce County Public Library
  • Spirit of Liberty
  • PCHS end of the year clean up
  • PCHS Graduation
  • PCHS beginning of the year preparations
  • PCHS Open House
  • Yearbook Business Manager
  • BEAR at MES, PES, & BES
  • PES Fall Festival
  • Concessions at PCMS for Softball
  • Homecoming & Christmas Dress-up Day Propaganda
  • Yearbook Promotions
  • Erin Davis Spaghetti Fundraiser
  • Homecoming T-Shirt Fundraiser

Community Service Projects

  • Dairy Queen's Children's Miracle Network Day
  • Pierce County 4-H's Spur for a Cure
  • "Adopted" a Needy Child at Christmas
  • Bridge Community/Sycamore Tree Christmas Wrapping
  • Blue & Silver Challenge
  • Red Thumb Day

Growth Chart

This year in SAC my leadership qualities have grown exponentially. I believe I am much more open-minded and considerate to all points of view in the midst of a problem. Unlike the beginning of the year, I am much more honest and vocal rather than "spineless." I have learned how to set goals, and I have learned that not reaching a goal has consequences. In the coming year, I hope to grow to be a clear and eloquent communicator, and I also hope to become more confident in myself and my abilities as a leader.

Senior Service Project

'A Beary Special Bag of Books'

My idea will benefit Special Needs students in Pierce County. I would like to host a book drive in order to collect children's books. I would like to put them in bags, specifically designed for this purpose, and have the Bear deliver them.


I believe that a team of three people can efficiently complete this project.


I would like to initially begin two months prior by mailing letters to children's book publishers in order to ask for possible donations. I believe the actual drive should begin a month prior to the date.


Preferably, I would like to carry this out on either December 2nd, Special Education Day; however, Special Olympics could be a alternate date.