Mobile Learning Apps

apps for use in K-12


In this flyer, I will talk about five different apps that are appropriate for the use of different grades from K-12 for educational purposes! The apps I chose are free apps which are quite practical to use, these apps are great to use inside and outside the classroom!

Woices: is a world voices

This app is provides Location Based Audio Services (LBS). It offers a free basic service, already available at, which allows its users to create, manage and play echos: audio records associated to a precise real-world location or object, such as audio guides. at:

StoryKit App

By using this app "StoryKit" Students can create detailed books about their lives, what they imagine, or change the ending of a classic story. This app allows students to take old classic books like the 3 Little Pigs and edit the pages. Students can even tell the story from a different point-of-view.

Fotobabble App

Bubble And Pebble Story

Animation Creator:

In this app "Animation Creator HD Lite For IPad" - students can create their own animations for story. They can use this app to create the characters for a story and even add audio. Have them create dialogues, flesh out characters, or create graphic novel type stories with the animations they create. Animator Creator allows users to do simple and more complex animations using only the tips of the fingers.There is application by which the user use only the tips of fingers. Users can draw using one finger, move the canvas using two fingers and pinch the multi- touch screen to zoom in and zoom out. Once the users finishes there animations, Animation Creator HD has a quick export option that provides users an easier way to share there finished animations via YouTube and Twitter.,0301-28833.html