Athletic Trainer

Why we need athletic trainers

Athletic Trainers are a big part in sports. Athletic Trainers are needed for when a player gets hurt in a sport and needs a brace of some sort.


Athletic Trainers make on average $42,090 a year. Their wage depends on the team and the amount of training that they have.

Trainer, Other Qualifications, and Advancement

You will need at least a bachelors degree from an accredited college. Nearly all states require athletic trainers to be licensed or certified. Get a higher level of degree to get a promotion.

Nature of Work

An athletic trainer has to be able to apply protective or injury preventive devices, recognize and evaluate injuries, provide first aid or emergency care, develop and carry out a rehabilitation program, and plan and implement comprehensive programs to prevent injury. Many athletic trainers work in educational settings such as colleges, universities, ect. Others work in hospitals, fitness centers or for pro teams. Some work with the military and law enforcement.

Job Outlook

25400 work in this field currently. By 2024 they are predicting 30800 jobs in this field.

Related Occupations

EMT's and Paramedics have similar duties to athletic trainers.

Personal Assessment of the Career

One of the advantages that this job offers is it has good pay. one of the disadvantages is you could be traveling a lot and won't be able to spend as much time with family. I do not see my self doing this in the future.