Laura Secord Day

By: Persis Daljeet

Laura Secord recognition day

Monday, June 22nd, 12pm

Ontario Historical Society Lundy's Lane

Come out to commemorate her courage that helped the British win the War of 1812!

Why is Laura Secord important?

Laura Secord is important because she helped the British win the war of 1812, she inspires woman to be courageous, and teaches people to be patriotic. Laura Secord helped the British win the war of 1812 because she heard American officers talking about an ambush and capture an officer on a British base called Beaver Dams. Then she decided to run 32 kilometres at night and past American military to that base to warn the officer. By doing this the British were prepared to fight the Americans when they came. Therefore, she saved the British from defeat. Laura Secord taught women to be courageous. Laura Secord taught women this because she ran through the forest at night all alone through a city filled with the enemies military and being woman at the time didn't make it safe for her to be alone either. Laura put herself in danger to save the British society as a whole. This shows girls to be more courageous because if Laura Secord can walk 32 kilometres through danger then girls can do anything. Lastly, Laura Secord taught people to be patriotic because she sacrificed her life to save her country and if she didn't tell the British at Beaver Dams about the attack they might have lost the battle and a lot of soldiers. Instead, Laura helped them win and claim the area as theres which is now a part of Canada and it history. This teaches everyone to be patriotic because some people would do anything for their country not to the extent of sacrificing their lives but supporting their country in times of need. These three things are some of the reasons why Laura Secord should be appreciated for her civic contributions in Canada.


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