Tech Corner

15-16 Big Creek Elementary Vol.4

Think Lab Scoop

This week in Thin Lab we are taking surveys of our favorite Halloween candy using TodaysMeet and create different types of graphs. Next week teachers please remind students to bring their snacks wrappers and mobile devices to Think Lab. We are going to use Fooducate app to scan their food wrappers to check the nutrition values and to make better healthy food choices.



We are excited to announce Digital Discovery, an information-packed, idea-generatingFREE event! Digital Discovery is an ideal opportunity for educators at the elementary and middle school levels to network, learn, grow, and share their passion for teaching and learning with technology. This unique half-day professional development will feature breakout sessions led by Forsyth County teachers that highlight the best instructional technology tools and strategies in today’s classrooms. Based on the five attributes of the Learner Profile, each session is designed for educators to gain new techniques, sharpen their skills, and learn from innovative practitioners. Click here for more information.
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The Voice of the Active Learner

I love this video about how kids view learning in a digital environment. Students often use their technology to seek out information instead of waiting for it to be delivered to them. The video states 78% of students feel the use of electronics helps improve their grades and engagement in learning. Think how you can listen to what kids want and how they learn best to help them reach their full potential!

“Do you recognize me? Very soon I will be changing the world, but I need you. If you’re ready to help me I’ll find you, but it’s your challenge to keep up with me. I’m a digital native, an Active Learner. Listen to me, help me. Together we can create the future.”

The Voice of the Active Learner - Education From a Digital Native's Perspective


Suhela Chowdhury is an Instructional Technology Specialist at Big Creek Elementary in Cumming, GA. This flyer is created to share instructional technology news and tools with teachers at Big Creek Elementary, but feel free to use and share with others.