My Big Idea

Sami Krause

My Big Idea For The World

My big idea is to volunteer to play with little kids with special needs.
Be like an older sister/brother to them. They dont get treated like they
should so i think that if they had an older person around hanging out
with them and playing with them that they would really enjoy it. They
belong in this world just as much as anyone else. They are still human.
I would love to be able to hangout with them and get close to them.
I think that they would enjoy someone always there for them and
sticking up for them no matter what. I love to work with kids, but i
think playing with kids with special needs would mean a lot to both
me and them. Sometimes all kids need is someone there for them.
And to feel like they are not any different from anyone in the world.
I think it would mean a lot to them to have someone around to
hangout and play with, and to be able to grow up loving who you
are because that one person could change your life. The smallest
things could mean a lot to them.
i have a voice