2015 Year in Review

By: Mehavish Pomi

Three companies marketed themselves the best

1. Apple

Apple Makes everyone proud. Most of the people like Apple because it come up with new ideas every year.

2. Samsung try to do something different than Apple. For example it come up with the wireless charging pad.

3. Air Jordan this is another company that was one of the best in their marked. they create really nice shoes in 2015.

Best and Worst

  • Best

Apple Watch

Samsung galaxy s6

  • Worst


Top two movies of 2015

  • Minions were really popular before they even come up with movie idea. They have the minions quote. They also use minions in the commercial. this movie was really great for the kids. Mostly kids love Minions And the Movie of Minions.
  • peanuts also a kid movies. This movie was also so famous for the kids. Kids love snoopy Every one enjoyed it. This movie was also popular in the cinema.

Top Artist of 2015

Fifth harmony work really awesome in the year of 2015. Fifth harmony is the group of girls. They had a new album "Top Down" in the year of 2015.

Selena Gomez is really young talented girl. She work through her career to get the success. She work really hard in 2015. She even did a song called "Good for you" and she work really well.

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List of the top 5 song in 2015

  1. Top Down by Fifth Harmony
  2. Worth it by Fifth Harmony
  3. Good for you by Selena Gomez
  4. Like Mariah by Fifth Harmony
  5. Sorry by Justin Bieber

New year's Resolutions

Personal improvements: I have to learn how to drive and then get my driving license.

Family and Friends: I would make the year of 2016 the best for my family.

School : I have to bring my grads up and bring my GPA for th year of 2016.