Gateway Family Newsletter (English)

May 2022

Terry Burton, Principal

Molly Egan, Asst. Principal

Important Upcoming Events

May, June, July, August
  • May 6th---Chocolate Sales End
  • May 18th---Field Day, Grades K-6
  • May 20th---No School for PK students at Gateway, Early Childhood Planning Day
  • May 25th---Spring Fundraiser Prizes Distributed
  • May 27th--4th Quarter Ends, Last Student Day
  • June 8th---First Session Summer School Begins
  • July 1st---First Session Summer School Ends
  • July 6th---Second Session Summer School Begins
  • July 22nd---Second Session Summer School Ends
  • August 9th---Teachers Return
  • August 17th---Elementary Student Start Date

Office Notes

Please remember that the final day of school for Gateway students will be Friday, May 27th!

The first session of summer school runs June 8th thru July 1st. The second session of summer school runs July 6th thru July 22nd.

On behalf of all the staff at Gateway, have a great summer!!!!

Spring Fundraiser

Thanks so much for all of the Gateway families that participated in our spring fundraiser!!! Funds raised from chocolate sales help to pay for field trips, our soaring eagle signs, soaring eagle t-shirts, classroom party supplies, field day activities and so much more throughout the school year!!!

We have completed the selling portion of our fundraiser and have now moved into the money collection phase. We are hoping to have all money collected by Friday, May 13th. Prizes for fundraiser participants are scheduled to be delivered to Gateway on Wed., May 25th. All money must be collected in order to receive prizes!!

Thanks again!!!

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A Note From the Library

Gateway Students and Families,

Please look at home for school library books to return!!! Return books to the library as soon as possible!


Dr. Casey and Mrs. Buffington

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Motivated Until the Final Day!!

It might be a challenge for your child to stay focused as the school year winds down. Inspire your child to continue doing their best by comparing work samples from the beginning of the school year to the end of the year!! Seeing how far they have come over the course of the school year might motivate them to keep growing over these last few days!!!!

2022-23 School Calendars

A link to the 2022-23 school calendars is pasted below.

OPS Announces Bluestem Middle School Principal

Bluestem Middle School is being constructed 1 block to the south of Gateway Elementary.

Omaha Public Schools announced the leader of our district’s newest middle school, scheduled to open in August 2023.

Pending Board of Education approval, Mr. Brian Begley will serve as principal and begin his position in summer 2022. The 2022-23 school year will be in preparation to open the school. Mr. Begley currently serves as principal of Millard North High. He began his career as an English teacher at Millard North High in 1992, and served as assistant principal at Peter Kiewit Middle and principal at George Russell Middle. He has been with Millard North High since 2007.

Mr. Begley holds a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education, a Master of Arts in Secondary Education and a Master of Science in Educational Administration and Supervision, all from the University of Nebraska Omaha.

”I am honored and humbled to be named the new principal at Bluestem Middle School,” Mr. Begley said. “I am eager to provide caring support for our Bluestem students by helping them achieve all of their educational goals. Engaging with our community will be a top priority as we prepare to open our new school in August 2023.”

Facilitated by the Omaha Public Schools Human Resources team, the consideration and selection process included a review of qualifications and a panel-style interview with central office administrators, a member of the Board of Education, secondary staff members and families from the new school’s attendance area.

We look forward to welcoming Mr. Begley to our district and Bluestem Middle this summer.

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Summer Health and Wellness!

When school is in session, your child gets daily exercise through recess, P.E. and Health & Wellness activities. But during the “lazy” days of summer, students might not be as active as they should be.

Enroll your child in local classes through the parks & recreation department, Kroc Center or YMCA. That way they’ll get regular exercise and remain in contact with their friends from school.

If possible, be an exercise role model for your child. Seeing you active will encourage your child to exercise too. Do fun activities as a family, such as taking walks around the neighborhood, riding bikes, and visiting the Gateway playground!!

Nebraska Family Helpline

Raising kids is hard. It’s okay to ask for advice. The Nebraska Family Helpline is a free, confidential resource for parents who have questions regarding their child’s behavior. Trained counselors are standing by. Have a question? Give them a call at 1-888-866-8660.