Joseph Rogers Primary School

November 17, 2014

John Hattie Visible Learning and Effective Practices in Schools

Last week's newsletter discussed retention and the negative affect retention has on student achievement. This week I wanted to shed some light on some of the most successful practices that make a difference in a student's education. Some of these you are incorporating into your classrooms daily. What a difference you can and are making with these effective practices and strategies!

Below are a few of the most effective practices for student growth and student achievement.

  • Self-reported grades (students tracking data and owning the data and setting goals) Example for Self-reported grades: Before a test, ask each student to write down what grade that he or she expects to achieve. Use this information to engage the student to try to perform even better. This could also be used for reading goals. The importance of doing this was also reiterated in an email I received earlier this week (and forwarded to you) from Angela Jackson, Director of Special Education.
  • Feedback - are you giving specific feedback to your students. Are you saying good job or are you making sure they know what they did a good job on. "Good Job on writing your topic sentence. I know what your story is going to be about because your topic sentence was specific told me what the story was about.
  • Teacher Student Relationships - take the time to talk to and learn about your students. What do they like, what did they do this weekend, where are they going for Thanksgiving etc. Students love to talk and will be happy to share with you anything that you ask. I know most of you do this daily. Thank you for taking the time to ask, your kids thank you for being interested, and their parents are thankful you care.
  • Teacher Clarity - helping students understand the relationships between topics and make connections between what is taught and their own experiences.
  • Reciprocal Teaching - let the students take a turn at teaching a small group lesson. They will plan the teaching and the benefits from having to teach will be worth it because what they can teach you know they truly understand.

YOU are the ones who make a difference everyday while your students are in your classrooms. I know you are working hard every day. Thank you for being that difference maker in your student's lives.

Glad to be in a school where relationships and students are important,


Calendar of Events

Fun times at JRP

November 17-21- Character Counts Week

Monday 11/17: Trustworthiness (Blue)-Friendship Day

Tuesday 11/18: Responsibility (Green)

Wednesday 11/19: Fairness (Orange)- Unity Day

Thursday 11/20: Caring/Citizenship (Red/Purple) – Make a Difference Day

Friday 11/21: Respect (Yellow)- Smile Day

November 19 - collaboratives - struggling students and strategies we are using to make them successful

faculty meeting

November 20 - Thanksgiving lunch - County Commissioners and Board Members are invited to kindergarten's Thanksgiving program and to dine with us on this day.

Kindergarten will have a short program before lunch and parents will be invited to eat lunch with them on this day.

Director Appreciation Day.

November 25 - 1st grade parent involvement. 9:15-10:45. Parents will have the opportunity to shadow their child during a writing lesson and math lesson centering around Thanksgiving.

December 1-12 - AIMSweb Testing

December 1-5 - complete the district writing prompt. You choose the date to do this, whatever will work in your schedule.

December 2 - Volunteer training - 8:15 Library

December 4 - kindergarten field trip to Barter Theatre
December 5 - second grade field trip to Christmas play and Leaping Lizards

December 5 - Be JRP proud. Wear your JRP shirt.

December 5 - JRP art exhibit opens at Fort Henry Mall

December 8 - 80th day of school. Literacy Activities for this day will be discussed at faculty meeting

December 8-11 - Standards Based Benchmarks in Literacy and Mathematics; spreadsheets will need to be turned in by 3 pm on Friday, December 12.

December 12 - Santa Pictures

December 16 - Tacky Christmas sweater/shirt day

December 16 - establishing Tier I, Tier II and Tier III groups to begin after Christmas

December 18 - 1/2 day - Christmas parties for Students
December 19 - staff development day - teachers and assistants work


The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.

-William A. Ward

I am inspired every day as I watch the difference you are making in students lives. Thank you.