A Step From Heaven

By: An Na

By: Nelida Alvarez

Young Ju and her family are going to Mi Gook to have a better life. Young Ju finds out that her Uhmma is pregnant and she is excited, until they start to ignore her and give her new baby brother most of the attention. When Young Ju gets to school she tells her class that her baby brother has died and the whole class gives her the attention she wanted. When Young Ju gets home she finds Gomo playing with Joon. When she sees Young Ju she walks to the table and calls her over to the bouquet, Gomo asks Young Ju what they mean by "We are sorry for your loss." Young Ju says that she lost the spelling bee. This is important because sooner or later her uhmma would have found out that she told her class that her brother has died, when she just lied to get attention.

Whole book Summary

Young Ju and her family go to Mi Gook. When they arrive, they meet up with Young Ju's Gomo. When Young's Uhmma has her baby she gets jealous of her baby brother and wants all of the attention he gets. Young Ju and Joon grow up in Mi Gook and they have their ups and downs, but in the end they learn to get along with each other. Their Apa starts to get home late and drunk. Apa starts top hit them more when he gets home drunk, especially Uhmma. If Uhmma doesn't do what he wants her to do she will either get a bruised arm or a black eye.