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Rising 6th Grade Information 2019-2020

This is a newsletter specifically designed for our rising 6th graders and parents.

I will be updating this newsletter as the year ends and we move into the summer. Please plan to check this newsletter regularly as we close out this year and during the summer. I look forward to meeting our rising Bulldogs in the weeks and months to come!

Kindest Regards,

Christine McNeil, Your Middle School Principal

About Gold Hill Middle School

School Motto

Excellence is our cornerstone, our tradition, the Bulldog way!


Gold Hill Middle School, distinguished as a school of excellence, is centered on student learning that focuses on academic, social, and emotional growth that bridges the transition for students between elementary and high school.


The mission of Gold Hill Middle School is to provide learners with a rigorous education where all students are valued, and the faculty exhibits academic excellence by advancing knowledge through high expectations, collaboration, and engagement.


Here at Gold Hill Middle School, we believe:

  • The learning environment will be emotionally safe, physically safe, healthy, nurturing, and positive.
  • Our students will be held to consistent high expectations academically and behaviorally.
  • Students will be given the opportunity to be successful.
  • Good citizenship is important and valued.
  • Students are more successful when there are positive relationships between the school, parents, and community.

Band or No Band? - Google Form Link Invitation Below

5th Grade Tour Update (May 10)

Dear Rising 6th Grade Parents,

I was so happy to see all of our rising 6th graders today at GHMS! They are full of sweet spirit, and I cannot wait to get to know each of them better. I hope they will be able to tell you about the morning assembly with delight on their faces! Once again, I want to remind you to mark your calendars for August 14th. This will be our WEB day for our rising Bulldogs. Our tentative timeframe is 8-12. The district will provide transportation. At the conclusion of our WEB program, we will present each of our newest Bulldogs with their “Class Of…” t-shirts! We are so happy to be able to do this during WEB this year. Please be on the lookout for an email this weekend regarding a link to a google form for signing your student up for band or “no band”. In the 6th grade, this is the only elective that is chosen. Band is a full year course. Students not selecting band will be placed on a random rotation through our electives. In their 7th and 8th grade years, they will be able to select their top choices for Related Arts. The 6th grade year allows them an exploratory option of 9 weeks per course with the exception of P.E. or Band, if chosen. This google form link will be sent out by Mr. Eppes, one of our Assistant Principals. Today, your students got to hear our 8th grade band perform some awesome movie theme tunes! Thank you for sharing your kids with us today. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Please feel free to share this email as needed with other rising 6th grade Bulldog parents.

Kindest Regards,

Christine McNeil

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Middle School Hours & Lunch Time

8:10am-3:10pm (Students are expected to be seated and in homeroom class by 8:10am).

Currently: 10:50-11:30am (6th Grade Lunch) - To Be Finalized in June: Parents/Guardians & Grandparents may eat lunch with their students, but must sign in at the main office and be escorted to the cafeteria.

GHMS Map - Updated Map Coming Soon - We are adding new staff throughout the summer.

Self-Guided Tour (Lots of good information in this document.)

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School Supply List

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Summer Reading Information

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Celebrating and Welcoming Our Newest 6th Graders with WEB Day (Where Everybody Belongs)

We will be hosting our WEB day for rising 6th graders on August 14th. This is a team building and community building day that has proven to be a great experience in the past. The tentative time-frame is 8am-12pm.

Transportation will be provided.

More details to come.

This system is made up of eight Bulldog Houses consisting of students in grades 6-8. Character education based HOUSE meetings are held monthly along with House Games hosted each semester. We also offer HOUSE incentives during the school year, and the winning House claims the traveling trophy for that time frame.

If you have a sibling at GHMS, you will automatically be placed into that HOUSE. Otherwise, you will be randomly placed into one of the Bulldog Houses.

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Bus Riders

Please be sure to check our district transportation page regularly regarding updated bus routes for your student. In middle school, we use the bus numbers as reference (referred to as the

'routes"), not the animal. The student should know his/her bus number (black and white # signs on front and rear of the bus).


On this webpage: To find your student's route/bus number, please click Bus Transportation Routes from left hand column. Then, scroll the page to find Gold Hill Middle School. Select our school. This will download a pdf file of the routes. This document will have dates posted on them regarding how current they are to the route.

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Meet the Teacher Night @ GHMS

Wednesday, Aug. 14th, 6pm

1025 Dave Gibson Boulevard

Fort Mill, SC

Please plan to join us August 14th for our Meet the Teacher event @ Gold Hill Middle School.

One Book, One School 2019-2020

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FLEX (8:15-8:45am)

What is FLEX?

FLEX is a 30 minute period where 6th grade students are able to receive additional instruction, complete make-up or missing work, study, read, complete enrichment and exploratory projects/assignments. This period of time is used also for scheduled literacy and math enhanced instruction as needed. We utilize this time at the beginning of the year for our One Book, One School read as well. This year's book will be "I Will Always Write Back." Mark your calendars now for our Spring STEAM Inspired by Literacy Night - April 21st. Come meet Caitlin!

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1:1 Next Year

Every student will have access to a chromebook beginning 2019-2020 at the middle level. Students will pick up their chromebooks during homeroom and return them prior to school dismissal. Each student will receive a zippered bag with a strap to use when carrying his/her chromebook from class to class. Details will be shared during the first few days of school regarding policies associated with the chromebooks. Parents will sign a responsible use policy along with their technology web tools agreement when registering students.
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What clubs/extra curricular activities can my 6th grader be involved in @ GHMS?

Here is a list of some of our club/activities:

  • Student Council
  • Academic Challenge Team
  • First Lego League/Robotics
  • UpStanders
  • Book Club
  • Chess Club
  • Disc Golf
  • All Inclusive Book Club

During the 2018-2019 school year, we also hosted Golf Squad , Girls on the Run, and Let Me Run (boys) on our campus after school. We hope to offer those again in 2019-2020.

Need immediate access to your student's grades, attendance, meal balance, and other info?

Use Parent Portal - access the link below to learn how to use this tool.


Please note that we do not send home written progress reports. An email alert and this newsletter will include progress report dates encouraging you to check Parent Portal.

If you are having any issues with Parent Portal, please notify Dawn Fite @ fited@fortmillschools.org.

Who is my student's Guidance Counselor? Administrator?

Ms. Ross serves as the 2019-2020 6th grade guidance counselor. Mr. Eppes and Mr. McCallum will serve as assistant principals for the 6th grade. We also have two other guidance counselors on staff: Mrs. Dimaggio (7th grade) and Mr. Wesseling (8th grade). If your student prefers to speak to a male guidance counselor, you can make that request in an email or phone call when needed.

We also have a Mental Health Counselor (Mrs. Rachel Norris), School Psychologist (Mrs. Elizabeth Jackson) and a Behavioral Interventionist (Mrs. Brandi Ruth) on our staff.

Want to be involved in our PTA? Be sure to check out our PTA page.

What are the district guidelines for outdoor activities?

Your Administrative Team

SIC Report to Parents for 2018-2019


Best Regards,

Christine V. McNeil, Principal

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What is the HOUSE system?