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October 2021

New Scoreboard Installed at BTMS

Tiger fans will see new a new addition at our middle school athletic field. A new scoreboard was installed at Bethel-Tate Middle School on September 29. The scoreboard was set to arrive in early September and was delayed because of COVID-related shipping issues.

The previous scoreboard was more than 25 years old and in need of costly repairs. The district funded the purchase of the new scoreboard for $12,900 through permanent improvement funds.

District Improvements Saving Energy and Benefitting Learning

Bethel-Tate Local Schools recently invested $695,916 in an energy-efficient lighting project with Energy Optimizers, USA. The district funded the project through the permanent improvement fund and federal ESSER monies. Improvements included interior lighting retrofits as well as a chiller replacement at Bethel-Tate Middle School. The benefits of the improvements were immediate, with reduced energy bills and an improved learning environment. The annual energy savings are anticipated to exceed $40,500.

The LED lighting retrofits offer up to 75 percent savings over the district’s former lighting systems, offering an almost immediate reduction in utility costs. They will also last three to four times longer, further reducing long-term operations and maintenance costs.

Beyond the financial savings, LED lighting is a superior option for educational settings. The quality of LED lighting is very close to natural daylight, making it easier on the eyes. LEDs are also free of the hum and flicker associated with fluorescent lighting, making it an ideal system for special needs classrooms. All these benefits are associated with improved behavior and health and increased motivation, and higher test scores.

“At Bethel-Tate Local Schools, we aim to be high achieving in all aspects of our operations, from academic performance to financial management,” said Melissa Kircher, Superintendent. “We believe that this investment in our buildings will pay dividends to our bottom line while directly supporting our strategies to improve student outcomes and our overall school climate.”

Bick Collaboration to Benefit Early Learners

During the 2021-2022 school year, William Bick Primary is partnering with the Clermont County Early Childhood Collaborative (CCECC) to help positively impact the academic progress of the district's preschool students. The CCECC is comprised of The United Way, Success By 6, and EC3.

"Data collected from the 2017-2019 school years showed a need for more attention to be directed toward the early childhood learners in preparing them for their Kindergarten school year experience," shared Bick Principal Greg Chandler.

There are several opportunities throughout the school year for both the students and their parents to engage in standards-based instruction, both in and out of school. Examples include Imagination Library, a program in which children aged 0-5 will receive an age-appropriate free book each month in the mail; Play Learn and Grow Picnics, providing parents with a chance to connect with other preschool families; and Family Learning Bags, filled with activities for families to work on together while at home.

An exciting program, Ignite By Hatch, is an online program in which preschool students work on a tablet for just a few minutes a day while providing the school and the teacher with important data to help drive classroom instruction.

"The hope is that William Bick Primary and the CCECC are just beginning a long-term partnership that will ultimately make a positive difference in many preschool students' academic journeys," Mr. Chandler added.

Hope Squads at BTMS and BTHS

The mental health of our students is our priority. Bethel-Tate Local Schools has Hope Squads at both the middle school and high school. The Hope Squad program is a school-based peer support team that partners with local mental health agencies. Peers select students who are trustworthy and caring individuals to join the Hope Squad. Hope Squad members are trained to be aware of their peers and watch for warning signs. They learn to show empathy to their peers, listen without judgment, and reduce stigma regarding help-seeking and mental illness.

Hope Squad members are NOT taught to act as counselors but are educated on recognizing suicide warning signs and properly and respectfully reporting concerns to adults. The evidence-based training changes how schools approach mental health and suicide prevention.

Throughout the school year, the Bethel-Tate Hope Squads will plan special events and positive outreach programs to build positive relationships and support their peers.

Ebon Hill Reorganize 5th Grade Academic Team

There are some exciting changes at Ebon C. Hill Intermediate this school year, specifically in the setup of our 5th-grade classes to better serve our students and support their mastery in Math, Science, and Language Arts/Writing.

The 5th grade is now departmentalized by subject area for Math, Science, and English/Language Arts and Social Studies. To achieve this, all 5th graders will see Mrs. Ratcliff for math instruction, Mrs. Gasior for science instruction, and either Mrs. Simmons or Ms. Rigling for ELA/SS. Mrs. Sontag joined the team this year as a 5th-grade intervention specialist. Mrs. Bunnenburg has also returned to the 5th grade as an intervention specialist.

"We are so excited to welcome all of our students and staff back for another year of learning! We feel these changes will support student learning and mastery of the material needed to succeed at the annual state testing," said Ebon Hill Intermediate Principal Robert MacLeod.

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