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December 17, 2019


Grade Cutoff for the 2nd Report Card is Friday, Dec 20. Just a reminder that this is an eligibility checkpoint. Grades will be due on MONDAY, January 6 at 11:59 PM.

Semester grades will calculate automatically, but the calculator only runs twice per day. Here are instructions for evaluating SEM grades.

  • It takes approximately 1 hour to run calculate all QSEM1 averages.
  • Only RC scores loaded & saved by the campus’s QSEM1 run time will be included.

You will get verifications after we return from break.

Please be certain that for the RC grade send you have at least

  • 2 major grades
  • 6 minor grades

per the Frisco ISD grade policy.

If you need any "How-to" click sheets, you can find them on the Digital Melting Pot here.

I can also help answer How-To Questions.

For any questions about how to handle different situations grade-wise, please see an administrator.

Click Here for All Grade Deadlines

Click Here for UIL Eligibility Calendar

State of the Chromebooks

Southwestern #1 is still missing! Because it is #1, it is likely that a teacher grabbed it from a cart they weren't using and "borrowed" it. We are guessing it is sitting in someone's room under a pile of papers. Please keep an eye out for it!

Using PC laptops

When using PC laptops ( Sam Houston, Navy, etc ) it is crucial that the students turn the laptop completely off BEFORE closing the lid. Failure to do so puts the laptop into a hibernation state which disables the WiFi capabilities. And the next student won’t be able to log into the laptop.

Printing Quizzes from Canvas

Scared about Internet Issues? There is an extension can help you print quizzes from Canvas (not ideal obviously but I understand a certain amount of trepidation at this point). Here are the instructions for how to do that!

Getting Canvas Ready for Semester 2

We have a checklist ready for prepping courses for Semester 2. I am sending you this now, because if you need help, I need you to get that help BEFORE we leave for break.


If you have already used Canvas this year, you will need to

  • follow these instructions (of course these are also in the Digital Melting Pot) There are 2 pages of instructions. The first page is for year long classes, the second page is for semester long classes.
  • make sure your S2 course has the LTHS landing page in it. Instructions here. this is non-negotiable, but I will be soliciting feedback on changes that we want to make to that landing page before the end of the year, so anything you love or hate about it, make note!

If you have NOT already used Canvas at all this year, you will need to get your courses ready for use by following these instructions. The only change to these instructions is in step 6 you need to publish S2 courses instead of S1.

Please remember this only looks overwhelming because it is new!

I am more than happy to help you with this process. If you or your PLC want to meet with me about this, please email me as soon as possible to schedule a time. I will also be in lab B112 on Tuesday December 17 to help you with anything you need. I will be there before school starting at 8:15, both MegaLunches, and after school starting at 4:15.

Free Ebooks

If you are a fan of Matt Miller from Ditch that Textbook, you should know he has two free e-books on his web site! You can get them by visiting ditchthattextbook.com/101 You can also sign up to get emails from him with practical examples of ways to use Google tools to create activities for your students.

And PS- he has a new book coming out that I cannot wait to read! It is called Don't Ditch that Tech, ad it is all about using technology to do some of the heavy lifting in differentiation. Perfect for us as we move towards all of our students having Chromebooks! He also says the book itself is differentiated, so you can rate yourself on your level of "techie-ness" and you will be guided to practical examples that will be appropriate for you!

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