Welcome Freshman

This is a gr8 place 2 B


Hey, my name is Steven Fogel, Mrs. Allen's favorite students. Mrs. Allen is the best teacher out there, she will bring a smile to your face as soon as you walk through the door. Now i know a lot of people do not like reading, I am one of them. I walked into that room the first day hating reading. My prospective towards books has changed a little. Mrs. Allen does some fun activities with the class. She makes the school year pretty fun actually. Her class is my favorite!

Hunger Games

So we started off with the Hunger games this year as our first novel. It is an amazing book to read. It is a book you never want to set down. It is a constant cliff hanger on what will happen next, you get so curious! We read the books on the kindles that were supplied for us as a class. We got very few homework while reading this book. The only homework we got was to read a chapter or two which was not hard at all. Overall, it was a great book.

Romeo and Juliet

Okay well this book is a little different than Hunger Games. Actually, a lot! Unfortunately, I myself did not like this. It was way too slow and confusing with all of the slang language spoken! I did not like this but went pretty quick. We flew through the book like it was nothing. It was just not my favorite.


Another one of my favorites! I like it because it ties into things that happen today. The main character, Steve Harmon, makes everything into a movie which is pretty neat! Robberies and Jail time are the main focus in this book. Was Steve really part of the robbery or was he just there? Will he be proven guilty or innocent? You will enjoy this book!


Actually my favorite part of my freshman year! I wish it was a longer unit! writing our own poems was honestly such a fun time! Mrs. Allen made this year so fun and memorable. I am going to miss this class more then any other class. Poetry was a blast.

Independent reading

My least favorite part of the year was independent reading. I can not stand reading on my free time. it was horrible. Book talks are not that bad, all it is is testing you to make sure you read and understood the book. It could be a lot worse, but it was not my favorite.

My Favorite

My favorite part of my freshman year was poetry in English 9. We worked on it in Mrs. Whitings class too. The whole poetry unit was hilarious. Listening to people perform the poems they wrote was great. It was an awesome part of the year!

The worst part

The worst part is the walk up to the class. The class is so fun! There is no bad part to English 9. It was so fun! Im going to miss it!!


  • Get on her good side
  • Be funny
  • Be hardworking
  • Stop when she asks
  • Joke around
  • Do not skip assignments
  • Do homework
  • Study for tests

Make her like you

  1. Joke about loving to read
  2. Correct her
  3. Make fun of her
  4. Be comical
  5. Become her friend!


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