Hosp Spooky Appy Hour

October 29

Coming Soon...

Want to learn something techy for your classroom, but don't have time to attend after school PD? Coming in November, I will offer Technology Lunch & Learns during the school day a couple times per month. Grab your lunch, join me for 10-15 minutes, and walk away with something you can use in your classroom. I will have something techy for you and I might have dessert! Here's the schedule for November...

  • Friday, November 2nd - Seesaw Refresher
  • Friday, November 16th - Seesaw Activities Part 1 - Using Seesaw Activities Library

I'm also aware that this style of Tech PD won't work for everyone, so I would love to hear from you and get your feedback. Your time is valuable and I want to offer the topics and times that best meet your needs. You can help me do so by filling out this short little Tech PD Survey.

Tech Equipment...

Gargantuan TVs

You may have noticed that we have a very large TV on rolling carts located in each pod. A laptop computer is connected to each one, and we have set them up for you to reserve and use with your kiddos. You do not have to use them in the pod. You may roll them wherever you need to use them in the school.

Please follow the same procedures for reserving as you do for the iPad/Chromebook carts.

  • Reserve them only for the amount of time you will be actually using it (not for the whole day).
  • Return it to the Pod that it is assigned to. (Each TV cart is labeled with the Pod #)
  • Students should not roll these anywhere. Staff members only.

Also...Don't forget...

  • Classroom Projectors: Turn off your classroom projectors when you are not using them, and especially when you are not in your classroom. Those bulbs go out quickly and we have a limited supply of replacement bulbs.
  • Checkout Carts: Please, please, please plug the checkout chromebook carts back in when you return them to the Technology office as a courtesy to the next person who will use them. And also...please refrain from allowing the students to roll those carts back.
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Just so you know...

On your teacher computer, you have access to an emoji keyboard. To use it, do this...
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Pumpkin Decorating...

Thank you for coming down to see us and play on the chromebooks for a little bit today! I see that it is supposed to rain on Wednesday, and if you need a festive activity for your students and would like to do something similar, here is a copy of the one we used today. This one is pumpkins, but you could easily do anything festive...scarecrows, bats, spiders, etc. I'm happy to help you create something if you'd like.

If you would like to see all the cute pumpkins you all created today, click here!

Seesaw Resources...

1. Commenting: Learning to comment effectively on classmates' Seesaw post is a necessary Digital Citizenship skill to learn. One idea for teaching this came across my inbox recently: using the letters T-A-G to teach students how to leave better comments. Tune in to the video below of 2nd grade teacher, Sophia Garcia-Smith, explaining how it works.

Along those same lines...click the link below for a poster you can print to hang in your classroom of sentence stems to use when making comments on classmates' posts.
Classroom Poster

Here are some other resources for commenting...

2. Activities: A gargantuan list of FISD Seesaw Activities

3. Adding Students to Seesaw Handouts:

Curriculum Resources

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  • Seesaw PD in Your PJs

  • Genius Hour is the perfect way to engage and empower your learners! Participants will learn how to implement Genius Hour in their classroom, from choosing a topic to weekly reflections to presenting to an authentic audience!

Deanna Collins - Digital Learning Coach

  • Collaboratively plan lessons with you that integrate technology
  • Brainstorm & explore new tools with you
  • Co-teach & assist you during a lesson
  • Examine curriculum to determine how tech can help meet your learning objectives
  • Help you Learn a new tool
  • Model technology integration with students
  • Recommend technology tools to augment lessons or projects
  • Troubleshoot & problem-solve instructional issues