Print & Web-based Materials

Relevant Print Materials

Background Knowledge – The Missing Piece of the Comprehension Puzzle

Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey (2009) Heinemann

Creating Critical Classrooms – K-8 Reading and Writing with an Edge

Mitzi Lewison, Christine Leland, Jerome C. Harste (2010) Routledge

Critical Literacy – Enhancing Students’ Comprehension of Text

Maureen McLaughlin, Glenn L. DeVoogd (2004) Scholastic

Getting Beyond “I like the book” – Creating Space for Critical Literacy in the K-6 Classroom

Vivian Vasquez (2008) Lawrence Erlbaum Associates Publishing

It’s Critical! – Classroom Strategies for Promoting Critical and Creative Comprehension

David Booth (2008) Pembroke

Teaching and Learning Multiliteracies – Changing Times, Changing Literacies

Michele Anstey, Geoff Bull (2007) International Reading Association

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