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Updates and Events - September 2023


Are you looking for tools to help students engage in their IEP process?

Look no further than the PaTTAN Student-Led IEP Resource Hub.

You can start building the Student-Led IEP process, now, and in any place within the IEP!

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PA Community of Practice Secondary Transition Conference Highlights

The PA Community of Practice Secondary Transition Conference planning team includes young advocates who together consider how young people experience the conference. One highlight of this collaboration was a youth conference guide to help young people and families find the things that were for youth by youth. We also offered lots of space for young people to connect both during and after the conference.

Life Through My Lens, a session that focused on the stigmas of mental health and how those stigmas, through the lens of others, have caused damage to the self-esteem of youth. Many shared not only their experiences but ways they have conquered and overcome! The Power of Social Media, explained the positive ways social media can be used as a platform to advocate for change for disabilities seen and unseen. Youth enjoyed Family Feud and The Escape Room, which allowed for friendly competition, the practice of social interactions among peers, and gaining an understanding of the purpose of the agencies. The highlight of the conference was the no parents allowed 70’s theme silent disco - a judgment-free zone where youth can be youth!

New this year we celebrated the 7 youth recipients of the Katie Smith Leadership Award inspired by the beautiful life of the late Katie Smith, who was an advocate for youth and for individuals with disabilities. If you want to nominate a young person for next year's award follow the link below!

We extend a GIANT thank you to all of the youth who supported this successful conference!

Young adults

Optimistic about

Understanding their

Talent and

How they impact the world

Nominate a Young Adult!

Use this link to nominate someone for the Katie Smith Leadership Award


Announcing: PA Secondary Transition – Public Square

Looking for a place where you can Connect, Collect, & Contribute to all things secondary transition?

Connect with people from across our state to collect resources, share events and contribute stories about positive post-school outcomes!

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Special Education: Effective Practices for My General Education Classroom

Session Dates

Monday September 11, 2023 - PaTTAN - Special Ed Online Course
Sunday October 08, 2023 - PaTTAN - Special Ed Online Course

The Special Education: Effective Practices for my General Education Classroom is a fifteen (15) hour interactive online course where K-12 teachers and administrators have the opportunity to review information regarding special education and apply the information to their general education classrooms. An instructor is available to guide participants through this four part, virtual learning process. Participants provide support and feedback to each other through the chat room, and are able to post questions and assignments on the bulletin board.


Participants will:
  • Identify three factors that general education teachers must know and be able to do when educating all students, including students with disabilities.
  • Describe the evaluation and IEP process and demonstrate how to be effective team members.
  • Examine different ways to implement IEPs of students with disabilities in general education classrooms.
  • Determine effective practices and concepts of their curriculum in relation to Standards-Based Curriculum for all students.

Target Audience:

General Educators and Administrators

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Positive Classroom Behavior Supports: Creating a System of Support

Participants will learn how to create and design a system to support the implementation of positive classroom support plans and the development of a multi-tiered system of support for staff. Reflection on the current school system, identification of needs, and data scenarios will be used to support the design of a comprehensive system of teacher support.

Participants will:

  • Utilize data to develop a plan for professional development.
  • Utilize a rubric to provide timely and specific feedback.
  • Identify tools and strategies to support implementation of positive classroom behavior support plans.

Target Audience:

Administrators, superintendents, school psychologists, special education directors, school counselors



Location: PaTTAN - CENTRAL


Location: PaTTAN - EAST


Location: PaTTAN - WEST

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What LEAs Need to Know About The Secondary Transition Cyclical Monitoring Schoology Course

Thursday, September 14th, 2023 9:00-11:00 a.m. Online

In response to the accountability requirements under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act 2004 (IDEA) Part B State Performance Plan, a focus is the development of compliant and individualized secondary transition programming for students with disabilities.

During this webinar, local education agencies (LEAs) will learn of the requirements for completing the "Preparing for Cyclical Monitoring: A Focus on Secondary Transition Planning and IEP Development" online course. The presenters will discuss how to organize staff to complete the seven modules that focus on the steps in the transition planning process as they relate to the Indicator 13 requirements in the Cyclical Monitoring for Continuous Improvement (CMCI). In addition to the supports within the course, a discussion regarding the sustained professional development available via PaTTAN and Intermediate Units to identified local educational agencies (LEAs) based on IEP pre-reviews using the Pennsylvania Indicator 13 checklist and/or identified coaching needs will also take place.

Target Audience

Staff from LEAs identified through the Bureau of Special Education (Penn*Link attached below) including special education administrators, building principals, transition coordinators, special education teachers, speech language therapists, school counselors, school psychologists, career tech ed staff, and other LEA staff involved in secondary programming.


PaPOS Exit Survey Overview and Procedural Training

Thursday September 21, 2023 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM - Webinar

This session will provide participants with an understanding of the Pennsylvania Post School Outcome Survey (PaPOS) and the requirements for implementation. The purpose of PaPOS is to determine, for the state as a whole, the extent to which students are achieving transition outcomes as stated in their Individualized Education Programs (IEPs). This is a required training for LEAs identified on the Penn*Link (attached).




National Technical Assistance Center on Transition: The Collaborative (NTACT:C)

Are you looking to learn more information about transition?

The National Technical Assistance Center on Transition: The Collaborative (NTACT:C) provides information, tools, and supports to assist multiple stakeholders to provide effective services and instruction for students and out-of-school youth with disabilities.

Check out their Training Resource Library.

If you're new to transition, be sure to check out Transition 101!


Are you looking for transition events across PA?

Don't forget to check the events calendar to stay up to date on all of the great events happening in PA and nationally related to secondary transition!

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The Pennsylvania Community on Transition is a group of various stakeholders from across Pennsylvania who work collaboratively to ensure appropriate transition outcomes for Pennsylvania youth and young adults.

The Pennsylvania Community on Transition is a state leadership team consisting of representative from: the State Departments of Education, Health, Labor and Industry, and Human Services; Various Serving Agencies, Young Adults, Parent Organizations, Advocates, Higher Education, and Employers.

The shared vision and common goals of the Pennsylvania Community on Transition is achieved when all PA youth and young adults with disabilities:

  • Successfully transition to the role of productive and participating adult citizens
  • Are empowered to recognize their talents, strengths, and voice
  • Have equal access to resources that will promote their full participation in the communities of their choice.