Life on MARS

What will we need to survive?

The Space Craft and the Journey By: Albert

  • So the ship will bring them out of Earth's atmosphere
  • Then they will dock their ship on the vehicle that'll take them to Mars
  • Spacecraft has everything they need for their trip
  • Trip takes 150-300 days until Mars so they grown food in the amount time
  • They are able to use human waste as a fertilizer to help grow
  • Solar panels will give unlimited amount of energy as long as they work

SHELTER By: Luvleen

  • The average temperature on Mars is minus 60 Celsius
  • Temperature can range from 126 Celsius in the winter
  • Temperature can range from 20 Celsius during the summer
  • The temperatures don’t stay the same but can constantly change every week
  • Living on the northern hemisphere there would be seven months of spring, six months of summer about five months of fall and four months of winter.
  • Mars often goes through dust storms that are not affective to health but can destroy electronics
  • Mars has an atmosphere of gases but contains 95.3% of carbon dioxide and 2.7% nitrogen.
  • Mars has seasons due to its tilt upon its axis
  • The southern hemisphere is pointed away from the sun when the planet is farthest from it, resulting in far coldest winter and far hotter summers than those in the northern hemisphere
  • For weather mars contains low levels of moisture form the polar ice caps
  • Martian nights are full of stars and the daytime sky has an orange tint to it

Growing Food By: Harleen and Ellora

Martian soil contains perchlorate (salts)
  • The soil can be rinsed with water
Martian soil is not fertile
  • Human feces can be used to fertilized soil
Human feces contain pathogens
  • Only using your own feces to fertilize your own food
  • When using other feces it must be desiccated and freeze dried
Mars does not have an appropriate atmosphere for the plants to grow
  • Building a containment space that is completely sealed off from Mars atmosphere

Energy Supply By: Harleen and Ellora

  • The best way to harness energy is from the sun
  • This technology is already used by the rovers that have landed on Mars
  • Another source could be wind energy
  • Nuclear power can be a base-load and then we can rely on the renewable sources

Other Important Factors


  • Mars has two ice caps of which one of them contains liquid water
Space Suits
  • Can be made and protect all people coming on the trip


  • Rovers could be sent and can be used as transportation on Mars


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