Reiki I Training

At the Barn in Avalon Park

Dear Healers,

Join Gina and Joshua Morin for a day of learning and sharing in Reiki healing energy . This special event will be held at the Barn in Avalon on April 12, 2015.

Reiki is made of two Japanese words - Rei which means "God's Wisdom or the Higher Power" and Ki which is "life force energy" also known as chi, prana, or holy spirit. So Reiki is actually "spiritually guided life force energy." This energy is available for each and every one of us to experience and give to others.

In this training students will learn how to harness Reiki healing energy through the hands, and how to use this energy to assist in healing themselves and others.
What we will cover :
What is Reiki?
The history of Reiki
How to apply Reiki to ourselves and others
Where and when to use Reiki

What are the Chakra's ?
We will do some physical movements to open up the body specifically the hands to become more acquainted with the energy body.
Attunement to Reiki level 1
Diploma of completion for Reiki 1

Reiki can be a transformative yet gentle healing practice for yourself and those you share it with. We will learn how to use Reiki as a healing modality, to connect to life force energy, and as a way of relaxation.

Humbly taught by Gina and Joshua Morin

Gina is a certified Reiki Master and Yoga instructor. Gina has over 800 hours of training in yoga and healing under the guidance of her teachers at The LI Kula Yoga and Wellness Center and Yoga for Life.

Joshua is a full time musician, carpenter, and Reiki Master.

Long time Yogis and spiritual seekers Gina and Josh are excited to share with students the healing power of Reiki . Gina and Josh are also very humbled and excited to pass on this sacred energy to students to continue the cycle of healing .

Stay tuned for Reiki levels 2 and 3 trainings to follow

The Logistics :
This training will take place at Avalon Park and Nature Preserve . We will meet in the Barn located on Shep Jones Lane in St. James, NY. Click here for website and directions

April 12th 2015 from 12:00-4:00 pm

How much?
Pre register by emailing Gina at before April 1st 2015 and pay in full $125
Register after April 1st and pay in full upon arrival to the training $150

*Very Important* If you are planning to take this Training please email Gina with the Exact Spelling of your first and last name for your certificates .

Gina and Josh will also be holding a Reiki circle Wednesday April 1st at the Barn in Avalon at 7:45 pm . The cost is $10 . This Reiki Circle is a great opportunity to receive Reiki from Gina and Josh before the training and to meet and commune with other Reiki trainees .

Other info:
Wear comfortable loose fitting clothes
Bring a snack and water
*Bring a Journal and Pen*
Optionally bring a yoga mat or blanket
Come with an open heart full of love

Contact Gina to register and for any questions :


*Directions to the Barn

(The barn does not have a building number so it can not be found on maps)

From Nicolls road

Take Nicolls road North to the end.

Make a Left onto 25a.

Take 25a to the end.

Make a Right onto Main street (25a)

Make the first left onto Harbor Road (Duck pond will be on the left)

Make the Second Left onto Shep Jones Lane (this is a dirt road)

Take Shep Jones down less then a quarter mile and the Barn is on the left pull through Gates onto gravel driveway.

Reiki I Training at the Barn in Avalon Park

Sunday, April 12th, 12pm

200 Harbor Rd

Stony Brook

the address above is to Avalon Parks main entrance . The Barn where we will be meeting is located in the flower fields on Shep Jones Lane .