The Scarlet Ibis

by Kyesi, Leila, Aislynne


Don't push someone to their breaking point, even if it is with good intentions. People aren't machines, they can't get pushed and expected to keep it that way, everyone needs a break to breathe. Its ok to push someone to do better, but if it gets excessive, then stop because not everyone can go on forever.


Doodle was born to die, thats just what everyone thought and was told. He was born deformed and limited unlike brother, who was perfectly healthy. The family had even bought a small casket for Doodle`s funeral. When he turns three, Brother is ready to kill Doodle, and everything was set in plan. He thought the family wouldn't miss the baby who couldn't even sit up. But then, when Doodle smiled at Brother, acknowledging he was there, Brother ran out excited and the family got a little hopeful for Doodle.


In the beginning, it the passage says," It was the clove of seasons, summer was dead but autumn had not yet been born,that the ibis lit the bleeding tree."- The Scarlet Ibis

This quote means that summer was over but autumn hasn't started yet, and the scarlet ibis brightened the tree with its bright colors