John Smith and John Rolfe


The Virginia Company decided to send a group over to keep the Spanish from expanding in the "New World". They had also heard there was great natural resources where they could make money. (Gold, iron,etc..) The first permaunite English Colony struggled at first. The first winter is referred as "The Starving Time". There were very harsh conditions at the time. John Smith with his leadership saved the colony from dissolving. After a decade their cash crop tobacco help them survived. This was the beginning of indenture servants to help with the tobacco. There was a time of peace with the Powhatan's after the marriage of Pocahontas and John Rolfe. It later became know as New Town.

John Smith

HERO.. He came to set up Jamestown. Smith was captured by the Powhatan Indians for four weeks. He became friends with them and gave Pocahonta credit for saving his life. The Powhatan taught them how to live off the land. The colonists were very lazy and wanted someone else to do the work. Smith became the leader, creating a rule that if you do not work you do not eat saving Jamestown.

The Jamestown Rap